CPS High School from Fall 2017: Continuing the Discussion from CPSO

GoCPS is adding features to be a great resource for Chicago families.

For those looking to discuss the 2018-2019 application cycle for CPS High school options, feel free to check out the threads at CPSObsessed- High School Application News Fall 2017 and continue your thoughts either in the comments below or on the School Forum pages.

8 thoughts on “CPS High School from Fall 2017: Continuing the Discussion from CPSO”

  1. Thought I’d let you know that at the Senn IB program information session last week, they said they are hearing high school decisions won’t be announced until March 30. Still a long wait to go…

    1. what a ridiculous stick in the eye to parents who need to make private school decisions well before the 30th

      1. Buried in the FAQ section of http://www.go.cps.edu is the time for CPS High School notifications:
        How will families find out the results of their applications to ninth grade?
        Online applicants will receive their first-round results on March 30th via their online GoCPS account. Paper applicants will receive a notification letter sent via U.S. mail to the home address on their application. In addition, paper applicants can view their results on an online GoCPS account that has been opened for them by the Office of Access and Enrollment. All applicants will receive more information on this process the week of March 26th via email and robocall. Results will be posted after school hours on March 30th, and before 11:59 pm.

  2. Heard a rumor (source: a friend who is friends with a Catholic elementary school administrator) that it might be delayed further. I sincerely hope that rumor is incorrect. This is such an excruciating wait.

  3. Seems like we are on target for March 30! I can’t believe this will finally be over in a week.

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