2020-2021 Academic Center Cut-off

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      Now as we are within 24 hours of the results to be declared, lets share it so that it can be of some help for kids/parents in coming years. Good luck everyone. See you tomorrow.

      Score, School if matched, Tier

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      Total Points 676.6  RGC 120

      Offered: Taft Academic Center

      Does anyone have any info on Taft AC Program? Still shooting for WY in 9th grade.

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      Tier 3

      Total Score: 864

      Test Score 138 (had 600 points before the entrance exam)

      only applied to WY – rejected

      I’m very curious to see the cut offs because his score would have gotten him in any other year.  I’m very disappointed this morning.


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      Tier 3

      academic center test score 132

      total score 818

      no offers

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      Tier 4

      Total Score: 868.42
      Map 295.42
      Grades 300
      Test (141) 273

      Had heart set on Whitney to join sibling. Nope. Good enough for Lane last year. Not this year. Offered Kenwood, will decline.

      Knew it would be competitive but the disparity between Tier 3 and 4 at Whitney is ridiculous. It was a 16-point swing last year. Would have gotten an offer for sure if we lived in Tier 3, only a mile away.

      After the high school process and AC process in the same year, SO OVER CPS TIER SYSTEM.

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      Forgot to say applied to Lane, WY and Taft

      last years cutoff scores would have gotten us a taft offer

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      Can you possibly clarify your score? Was your test for RGC or AC

      Total points with the exam is 676 in a Tier 3?

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      Total score 874.4 . Applied to Lane – denied.

      This is ridiculous. I regret even putting my kid through this.

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      has anyone seen this years’ cutoff scores?  The one on CPS’ website is still for last year.

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      We didn’t get into our AC choices either WY nor Lane with Score of 850.

      I have a very disappointed child at home, trying to console.
      Wondering if there is a second round for ACs?

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      Nevermind.  They seem to now be updated.

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        Scores went up significantly from last year.

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      In at Lane — 880.5 overall score, RGC score of 144, Tier 3, first choice. Most likely will decline. I think they overaccept and haven’t had multiple rounds in past years at Lane and Whitney, but this year could be different.

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      OMG. The cut scores.

      Lane Tier 4 min went from 865.4 last year to 877.5 this year. That’s a 12-point jump. Let that sink in for a minute.

      In two years when these kids all compete for high school spots, the scores will be off the charts. Good luck to all. We’ll be starting test prep tomorrow. (I’m kidding. Kind of.)


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      Tier 4

      Test 141

      Overall 868.4

      Got offer to TAFT AC, will   decline

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      STEM mom

      Can’t see the cutoff scores still. Could someone post a link?

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      The Academic Center Cutoff Scores for 2020-2021 are here: https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/gocps/GoCPS_Cutoff_AcademicCenters_2019.pdf

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      STEM mom



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      why are you declining a offer at Lane with that score?

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      If you decline A/C offer Morgan Park do you go back into the pool. Score 602

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      Interesting to note that if there are 120 students selected for 7th grade at Whitney Young Academic Center, and 30% got in due to rank (top scorers irregardless of CPS Tier), then apparently 36 students scored 900 on the AC rubric and were admitted to WYAC.



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        Could you please help me understand “rank” noted at the bottom of the linked page?  “Note: The ‘Rank’ score denotes students selected by their point score only, outside of their tiers”

        TIA!  I find it a wee bit confusing.

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      score 602 tier 1? If so thats going to be tough it’s tight at kenwood, brooks , and Lindblom with that score. Is Morgan Park a bad commute for you? If not consider MP for at least 1 to 2 yrs then transfer out to better high school. Would MP offer a more rigorous education than the current school they attend? I would consider reaching out to some parents who have children in the AC at MP better you decline.

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      It’s crazier than that.  At least one other Tier 2 and Tier 3 kid also got a 900.

      And for Lane, the numbers are similar.  If the mean for the Rank group is 899, that means that almost all of the kids who got in through Rank there also scored 900. And since the Lane class is bigger, that means that for both schools, the top scoring 36-40 kids scored a 900.

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      Tiger Dad

      The RGC test is an off the shelf IQ test – I figured out which one.  The test prep services also figured it out and I bet a lot of otherwise bright kids took the courses.  A perfect score corresponded roughly to a 150 IQ.  Like every human trait IQ exists in a Normal distribution.  One person in 2330 has a 150 IQ.
      You would need a student population of 167,000 to expect 72 150 IQ kids.  Each grade in CPS has 26,000 kids.

      So the test is not on the level.  My first guess is it pure test prep, which works very well on IQ tests.  The other guess is the test leaked.

      If you have younger siblings you are deeply foolish not to take the prep courses.  These are the rules now.

      But my kid got into Lane with minimal test prep so I won’t be agitating.

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        Wow interesting.  Which one do you think it most closely matches?

        Separately, I have heard so many positive things about Lane.  Congrats to your student.  How big is the class?

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      My son got in WY with score of 881.9 in tier 4. Thinking to decline because too far from home. If he declines, is there any chance to get in Lane Tech (rank 2)? Or is the distance worth the school teachings in WY?

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      I’m confused about the AC acceptance system. Does it work like other ES programs? If we decline an offer for AC, could we receive another offer? How do you know the chances of getting another offer?

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        AC system is more like high school selective enrollment system than elementary. Hard to get into the top one in round 2.


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      Tiger Dad, would you mind sharing which test?


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      My kid got an offer at WY with an 879 in tier 4 which means she barely made it based on the range. I was worried at first thinking she may struggle  some compared to the other kids coming with higher scores but then I realized many of those scoring higher took test prep, and she didn’t, so I think she’ll be fine.

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      She should be fine. Don’t forget there are a lot of kids coming with scores lower than hers from tiers 1,2,3.


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      It would be in the neighborhood. But worried about M.P.H.S it’s not the safest or diverse school. It would be very rigerous compared to his school. Does anyone know anything about program? And thinking about what next fall will look like in public school.

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      And we are in teir 4

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      score of 602 at tier 4 ? You will not have a chance at any other AC besides MP check out the scores.

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      O.k does anyone know anything about Morgan Park Acdemic Center? Any info. apreciated!

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      My child got accepted to LaneTech AC(our second choice) and I didn’t do any research about it. Could any Lane family give some insight? How many students are admitted to AC, are they separated from HS students, how hard it is to navigate the building/-s, how hard it may be for quirky, shy ADD student to blend in, etc. Any information will be beneficial. Thanks!

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        Chi mom 18

        Second_choice, I have a child at LTAC who sounds somewhat similar to your child, and I thought you should know this is a really challenging program for a child with adhd. While the teachers are caring and adhere to accommodations, they are all strict about due dates and generally do not let the kids make up work (eg, if your student didn’t do the backside of a worksheet, or forgot to turn something in, too bad!) If your child does not have exceedingly good time management skills or if their adhd impacts their ability to complete assignments, then you will be spending A LOT of time helping them manage their time and making sure they complete homework. There is about 2-4 hrs of homework per day and as you probably know a kid with adhd requires a tutor or other adult to watch over, or it will turn into 6 hrs of homework. That said, if your child wants to attend Lane Tech for HS and they’re ready for a change from elementary, they will learn so much and they will be academically engaged and challenged every day (these are honors high school classes they’re taking!) In terms of social, from what I’ve seen the kids seem to be sweet and of course all really bright kids. In school the LTAC classes are mostly self contained up on the smaller third floor (except for lunch/elective) so that makes it easier to transition from class to class.

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      Hi Second_Choice Mom,

      My kid was accepted into LTAC two years ago. I was torn just like you. we were in a small private school and my child was very comfortable. The entire summer my child was nervous about attending a new school, making new friends, etc. From day one, my child absolutely loved it. Like your child, my child is extremely shy and quirky. I was so nervous my child would have a hard time adjusting. From day one, my child felt like a member of the Lane Family. All the students were welcoming and everyone did their best to make sure the LTAC kids felt comfortable. Each child is assigned a mentor who was once in LTAC to help with finding classes and general questions.

      LTAC core classes are all on a separate floor from the hs kids. The only class your child may have with a high schooler would be an elective. Even then, my child felt comfortable.

      As far as how many kids are admitted, there are 120 available seats. The final number depends on how many people accept the offer. It could be more than 120 or slightly less. Your child should have no trouble fitting in. All the kids are alike. Some may be more outgoing and talkative, but they all are quirky. Lane does a great job of embracing and appreciating diversity.

      I would strongly recommend LTAC to anyone considering it.

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      My daughter is a 7th grader at LTAC and absolutely loves it.  She came from a catholic school that she had attended since she was three, so I was nervous about the transition.  She has thrived there. She has loved the challenge, and has made friends there easily.  It is a welcoming community, and the school does a great job with the social-emotional aspect .

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      @ Kisha and PJ, thank you!

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      My daughter got 900 and is accepted to WY. We are still not sure if going or not.

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      Congratsand outstanding, but why arent you sure you will accept WY if its not too personal to discuss?

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      Thanks! In my daughter’s classical school, every year, some kids chose to stay (not going to WY). A good percentage of 8th graders went to Payton, Northside etc.

      It’s mostly logistics for us. My daughter and son are currently in the same school. If she goes to WY, we’ll need two different starting/pickup times. We like the mature curriculum of WY. My daughter likes the prospect of being considered a high schooler and making new friends. She wants to go. Probably will wait until the last day to decide.

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      I understand especially about the logistics of pick up and drop off especially at two different locations and Chicago has a little traffic lol . Adulting and parenting is so easy!!! Ha

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      Tier 3

      Total Score: 900

      Test Score: 150

      only applied to WY – offered, accepted

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      Tier 4

      Score: 900

      Accepted at 1st choice Lane Tech AC

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      My daughter scored 861 in Tier 4.

      Offered Taft AC, which was her first choice mainly due to proximity

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      Does anyone know of examples where a kid accepted an AC first and then was able to get into one of the top 2 SEHS?

      That is, if the plan is to get into Payton or Northside, is it better to stay at SN or Decature through 8th grade or accept WY or LT AC for two years with the intention to go to a different SEHS.

      Seems like safer as they will be guaranteed WY or LT for high school, but a big change in 7th grade may impact testing and grades for high school.

      Do kids even do this kind of “school hopping”?


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        There is a post on CPSObsessed from 2012 which suggests that some of that is happening. You can browse through the spreadsheets at the bottom to get an idea (albeit outdated…): https://bit.ly/2LQKlBC

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      We have a friend that was attending WYAC and will be switching to Payton next year. Supposedly several of his friends are doing the same. So, yes, it does happen.

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      @LakeviewMom and Ky, thank you for your responses!


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      Daughter scored 894 in Tier 3.  Accepted WY which was her first choice.

      Think I need more caffeine before re-read this thread can can comprehend.  I’m having a hard time imagining her in a “high school” setting when she’s still so young.  Anyone have experience with WYAC?

      The necessary COVID-19 precautions have made it more difficult to get comfortable with all of this as we won’t have a chance to meet other families before orientation.

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      Any one know the latest exceptance Scores at Brooks? I know it’s late in game were tier 4!



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      cant access those scores not sure why ?

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      closest I found was testprepchicago.com

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