Academic Centers Entrance Exam

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      If your child has taken academic center entrance exam, please share your experience that may be useful for future test takers.

      Some information that may be useful are :

      How long was the test?

      How many sections?

      How many questions in each section?

      Test preparation materials.

      Your child’s overall experience during preparation and actual test

      Thanks in advance.

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      How long was the test? 49 minutes

      How many sections? 1

      How many questions in each section? a lot

      Test preparation materials. testing mom, books available on amazon (OLSAT, COGAT, Iowa, etc)

      Your child’s overall experience during preparation and actual test: Time will tell. Did not get a conclusive response from my kid.

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        Chicago Born

        @surreal Regarding test time… How is everyone measuring test time start and finish? i.e. start from the time the child’s name is called, or when you can no longer see them when they walk off with proctor,  or the time of your scheduled test?

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      from the time my son left to when i first saw him coming out

      @chicago born – how was your experience?

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      Yes measured from time I no longer saw my child (walked behind wall) to the time I saw them return.  33 minutes was the test duration

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      For the academic center test 10 minutes a section test took about 2 hrs hardest part according to my son was number patterns.  There was paper folding with hole punching, word analogies, reading and that all he remembered. If your child is planning on going to WY or Lane Tech and you live in Tier 3 or 4 they had better have 580-600 going into that AC test or they dont stand a likely chance of attend at those two AC schools.

      If your child is looking at Lindblom, Brooks or Kenwood its easier to get in if your tier 4 vs tier 3 ? Also very good ACs.

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