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      Hello all,

      I’m hoping to get some advice on how best to find a kindergarten spot for my son. We are living out of state and just found out a couple of weeks ago that we are moving to Chicago in June. He’s currently in Pre-K here and doing very well. I was initially planning to dual enroll him in Spanish immersion kindergarten and the gifted program.

      What advice do you all have for me? I am most likely moving to Hyde Park, and the neighborhood school is Shoesmith. I understand there is an end-of-year lottery in May. Other than waiting for that, what can I do now?

      Also, any advice for Pre-K? I tried looking in the area, but I’m not sure I can afford the $1500/mo. Even if I could, most of them seem to be full for the summer.

      Thanks for reading.

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      Hi Lighthouse,


      I heard great things about Shoesmith. If you check out the school’s profile on CPS, you’ll see avg class size is small and students appear to perform well on standardized tests. It’s also a Level 1+ school, which is the highest level for CPS schools.

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