Age adjustment – best time to take the 4 year old SEES test??

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      I have a kid taking Kinder SEES test this coming fall/winter.  Since even a small difference in age can make such a difference in child development for 4 year olds, I heard that they slightly adjust the 4-year old scores by age [for example on Classical score, the child’s %ile score is weighed against others that are within a couple months of the same age – for example a Sept birthday would be weighed against older 4’s and an August one would be weighed against kids with summer birthdays – not sure if same is true for RGC].  I have have not seen it published anywhere officially, but it does make sense that the testing system would account for this.  But I assume that, if this is true, this considers just the birthdate, not the age when taking the test?  or is it both?

      The test window is typically Oct – Feb [5 months!]

      The issue is CPS notified families in late May this year of both lottery results and SEES scores for Kinder.  That is _really_ late to be making decisions.  I don’t know if they’ll move it back to April this year, but still….

      IF the child takes the SEES exam before a certain day [mid-November I think…], I understand that you can get the scores from CPS before the Dec application deadline, although you don’t actually find out what offers you would get, the scores give a pretty good idea.  So that is a big advantage in terms of making decisions.  It also helps w/private school deadlines.  But I am worried taking it too early as a young 4 year old would not result in as good of a score, than for example taking it late, when the child is several months older.   Any experience or knowledge on this?  Pros/Cons?


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      Southside Dad

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>When to test your child is a hard decision, but I can share my experience for my 2 children.</p>
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>For child 1, our top two schools were Lenart (RGC) and Poe (Classical). We tested child 1 early in Nov at 4 years and 9 months, and the classical results were great, while the RGC results weren’t so great. So, we adjusted the SEES rankings and put Poe at 1 since we were pretty confident on getting accepted, and got an acceptance letter in the fall. This would be a “pro” of testing early – being able to get test results and alter rankings accordingly.</p>
      Child 2’s 5th birthday is August of this year. Child 1 was an avid reader at the time of the exam (one of the reasons we tested early), but Child 2 was not. We did not have the option of testing Child 2 early because of Covid, but we scheduled the test as early as possible in Jan of this year at 4 years, 4 months. We later got an offer for Poe. Even though Child 2 couldn’t read at the time, the classical reading score was actually higher than Child 1. This showed that a young 4 year old can get a high score, since they are not being compared to older 4 year old.

      In both instances, we had backup magnet schools just in case we got no offers, so we were confident they’d both go to a good school no matter what, which was the key for us.

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      They adjust for age at the time of the test. Two kids with the same birthday will be compared against different ages if they test in November and February.

      I tested both mine as early as I could schedule to get the results early and rerank as necessary.


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      Thank you this is so helpful!  Lots to think about.  My older two were Sept and Nov Birthdays and I tested both in February, so they were 5 (one almost 5 1/2).  Neither could quite read fluently and the reading scores they received (in the ‘80s) did not get us in.  So it makes sense that the 5+ year olds are expected to know a bit more, but at the same time it is hard on them.

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