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      Can someone please review how age factors into the SEES test?

      I understand children are compared to their “peers” — but what are the cutoffs for determining tiers? A 5 year 11 month old child is graded differently than 4 years 5 months, but how? Is it by calendar month? Or every three months?

      Also, is it just that the younger children are given more points? How are the different ages weighted?

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      Yes, this is a great question! Very interested to find out.

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      It probably depends on what norm groups the test used has for comparison, but I think for most of these types of tests scores are age adjusted based on age in years and months. Based on what I can find online, it looks if the test happened to be the OLSAT or WISC, those are ones where children are measured against their peers in groups of 3-month bands. For CogAT, they’re measured in 1-month intervals. I have no idea if CPS uses any of these particular tests and/or something else entirely, and they’re certainly not telling anyone, but that should help give a general idea of how scores might be age-adjusted on whatever test(s) they do happen to utilize.

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        Thanks, Petra. I guess we’ll never know!

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