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      Brianna Schmidt

      My husband and I are looking to move into the Taft school district so we have good neighborhood schools as a backup. We currently do not have kids but are planning on it, so we don’t want to buy a forever home and shoot ourselves in the foot.

      Am I right in thinking we plan on buying in a specific elementary school area, like Beaubien, with preference in a tier 4 area in the thought process that if our kid doesn’t test well they still have a good backup?

      My understanding is that tier 4 is preferred over tier 3?

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      Tier 4 = highest SES level. So for selective enrollment schools, Tier 4 essentially means that the standards (test scores, etc.) are the highest/toughest.

      Beaubien is one of the more desirable elementary schools, so having that school as your neighborhood option is a good one.

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      We live in Beaubien school boundary but neither of my kids go there. There are 3 neighborhood classes for each grade and one options classroom for each grade except K. To get into the options class your child needs to take the gifted test their K year. It’s a good school with a good principal but it’s a big school. Almost 1200 kids in total. A bigger school means they have money for things like an actual librarian which is great. Most of the kids in our neighborhood goto QAS, classical, gifted or magnet schools. If I were looking to buy I would try to get a house in the Edgebrook boundary or west of there.

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      Brianna – look at Garvy elementary. Wonderful school, close to taft.

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