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      We are hoping our daughter tests into. Classical/Gifted school but not sure how much prepping I should do.

      Are 5 year olds really expected to read???  Any help is appreciated. I’m ready to go back to Canada 🤣

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      No, my child got into classical school not knowing how to read. I know 1 family where child started reading at 4 years old, when that child tested for gifted/classical he read fluently – he didn’t get any offers, he didn’t pass. So I think reading level is not relevant. Basics like letters numbers are expected of course

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      Foreign Mother

      My daughter took the Classical Gifted Testing for kindergarten a few years back. She was required to read. Tier 4 here, scores: 99.9 Reading, Math 99. I would suggest prepping her at a comfortable pace.

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      Need guidance on preparing my kindergarten for 1st grade testing for classical/gifted schools. Any recommendations/tutoring/prep material would be much appreciated.

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      Yes, I would like to get the same guidance for my K student who would be tested for 1 grade entry. Any recommendations would be welcome!

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      I suppose it depends somewhat what tier you live in and which Classical school you’re aiming for. My now 1st grader could read probably at a 2nd grade level when she tested at age 4 years, 10 months, and she got in to top north side classical school (we are tier 3). Based on her comments, most if not all kids in her class could read coming into K. She started doing sight words at about 3.5 at daycare and I continued by introducing Bob books and I Can Read books around when she turned 4, which happened to be start of Covid, so it was really the only academic thing she had. I will say if you’re kid isn’t interested, there’s no way to push it. Offer it and see what happens. Mine was not at all interested and then a light bulb went off one day and she took off in reading development.

      For RGC, this site and NPN have plenty of suggestions for at home test prep material. Because the RGC does not test for reading skills (abstract thought rather than objective skills), you could have a kid who doesn’t know how to read test into an RGC.

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      Thank you, very helpful. Do tiers still matter if this is 1 grade entry test? Also, what is NPN?

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        Tiers are only applicable to the entry year of a program, and the vast majority of SEES RGC & Classical programs enter at Kindergarten, so CPS Tiers are relevant for that year. Two RGC programs start at 1st grade (Keller & Beaubien) so those will have CPS Tiers used for that grade only. Here is a GoCPS handout regarding Tiers:

        NPN stands for the Neighborhood Parent Network, which is a virtual parenting resource with some in person events, including the annual Preschool & Elementary School Fair, this year on 9/24/22 from 9am-1pm. (Free entry with promo code SchoolFree22).

        There is also a twice yearly virtual seminar regarding SEES Admissions & Testing that this fall is on 10/1/22 at 10am-12:30pm. RSVP for that HERE.

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