Do non-CPS student’s go in the ‘Rank’ section?

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      Hello! I have two questions if anyone can answer, that would be great!

      1. Is the selective enrollment exam for high schools in CPS like other selective high schools’ exams, similar to the (P)SAT, or is theirs customized/special?

      2. When a student who is not in the CPS system applies to selective enrollment with their home address, are their cutoff scores referred to the ‘rank’ section on the rubric, or would their address be matched to a tier? I’ve heard people saying they look at the demographics of your neighborhood to determine what tier you’re in but others say your cutoff score would be the ‘rank’ section. I have an address in Chicago, but I’m not sure what’s better: putting down my home address from the suburbs or the address in Chicago. If there are any suggestions, please comment! Thank you.

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      Thanks for finding the forum. In answer to your questions:

      1. The new CPS HS Admissions Test is supposedly a retooling of the past Selective Enrollment High School test, which had 4 sections (reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and math word problems). It used to be paper and pencil and took over 3 hours. Now it is online, timed, and apparently each section adds up to about 2.25 hours.

      2. CPS has a way to calculate Socio-Economic Tiers for any address within the US, but addresses from outside the US will be considered Tier 4, the highest socio-economic tier. I can’t find where I saw this information but it is buried within the CPS info somewhere.

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      Students from outside the city are similarly assigned a tier based on demographics from that area.  “Rank” students are the top scoring students who are automatically granted admission, regardless of where they live.

      Please use the address your student lives at most often when applying.  Trying to cheat the system defeats its purpose.

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        Got it! I believe either address would have been considered tier 4, so I wasn’t sure if it would’ve mattered. Thank you so much!

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