Early entrance to Kinder AND trying to get into a selective enrollment school

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      So, my 3 year old now turns 4 in Nov. 2020.  He will therefore NOT be 5 by Sept. 1, 2021.  But I know there is an Early Entrance to Kindergarten option where kids who turn 5 between Sept 2nd and Dec. 31 can apply for Kindergarten early with some caveats and extra testing.

      I was wondering if anyone else has done this yet? AND their kid has done well on the selective enrollment test AND got into a Selective Enrollment school?

      I will obviously choose the latest possible testing date!

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      We did the early entrance exam in the spring of this year and my daughter did very well. 99.9 cognitive, 99.9 reading, 99.7 math. The percentile is compared to others her age in months and years. We didn’t apply for selective enrollment schools so we didn’t do the second round of testing. We actually decided against early enrollment before covid even hit. COVID was just a nail in the coffin. I definitely think she would have been fine both academically and socially (in a selective enrollment school at age 4)  but just decided to give her another year of play before she has to take it all so seriously.  We will apply for selective enrollment in the fall, for when she starts with her age cohort in kindergarten next year. She is in person this year at a private preschool and  is very happy there. They do minimal academics and differentiate. And we supplement at home with some first grade level work, but don’t push it at all. She is having so much fun and blossoming socially, so I’m happy with the decision. I feel bad for kids that are loosing a year to grow socially due to COVID.

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      I am looking at the form for early entrance – Choice elementary schools application — Where do we specify that I want to apply for selective enrollment schools or that is primarily based on selecting the relevant school code? We were looking for skinner north.

      Also our alternative option was Skinner west but we not in the neighborhood as of now but intend to move within the boundry next year – do we still qualify for applying to skinner west early entrance?

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        Sorry I meant to add my below comment as a response to your question!! See below.

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      Just wanted to add here that even though I thought my child would be ready for k early, a major concern for me in selective enrollment was that she would be with kids that were potentially  15 months older then her AND functioning with cognitively in the 99 plus percentile for THEIR age. So the difference between them would still be great. In a non selective enrollment it would be a mixed bag.

      I still don’t regret keeping her in preschool for another year, she is really blossoming socially (it’s in person thankfully). I could not imagine giving up this extra year in preschool.

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        Unless something has changed from last year… upon passing the early entrance exam you get some type of certificate to present to your neighborhood school to be used at time of enrollment. I never obtained mine because I didn’t went to use it.  You also should have been able to enter the kindergarten lottery, and in go cps it would show your child as k for 2021-2022.  So you would go though the same exact process as those of us going though the k lottery with our 4-5 year olds. I did go though that process myself last year!

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      As a followup, did anyone in this thread do the early kindergarten and SEES? How did the test go for your 3-yr-old?

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      I’m curious too! How did the early application process go for you all? Did you get scores back right away, or was anything delayed due to covid? We got ours back after a few days last year. Did you all decide to do the additional testing for selective enrollment?

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      Bumping this post since the scores came out. Anyone do early kindergarten test AND SEES test? How were your scores, and what offers did you get (with tier)?

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      I did the early kindergarten test and below are the results

      Cognitive – >99.9

      Math – >99.9

      Reading – 99.8

      Took the SEES, the results aren’t great

      Reading – 98

      Math – 90

      RGC – 97

      No  offers from the selective  schools, got a  couple from classical ( magnet/STEM)   Galileo, SWIFT.

      Not sure what happened during the  test, but when i look at both the results it confuses me. My daughter is very bright, but toddlers you know. They have their own thing 🙂

      Tier – 4

      Skinner West  is the neighborhood school.  Thinking of just enrolling her  in SW. Do  you guys think Jackson  a is better  than SW

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      I’ve heard great things about SW neighborhood school. Engaged parents and teachers that work together. And they do allow some kids to advance if that’s what they need.

      So that I understand the results — she scored high enough to get into kindergarten early, so you can enroll her for this fall, is that right? When is her birthday month?

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        Yes that is right. She is eligible to go to Kindergarten. Only if the student passes early Kindergarten test, he/she is allowed to take the SEES test.

        She is a late Oct baby.

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