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      Has anyone else encountered outages on GoCPS when trying to apply?  I have had it happen several times.  Website down.  “this site can’t be reached”


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      Yes, that happened to us. We tried from every phone, laptop but it kept showing up as “site can’t be reached”. I then got off my wi-fi and the site loaded just fine. I spoke to OAE and they did mention that the site can only be accessed through Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

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      Does anyone know if our old accounts are just gone? Like, is there anywhere we can see our waitlists from the 2020-21 application cycle?

      Just got a K offer off a waitlist and now I’m wondering how much we’ve moved on some other schools’ lists as I decide what to do about it, but I have no way of knowing…

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      Anyone has tried GoCPS today? They are up and you can review the application status for your kids but not able to edit in any section. The problem is my son already took a test for Academic center but in event schedule section, his test schedule is Feb. 12 which is different from his actual test date.  Is anyone has same problem?

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        Hello– I just logged in and things look okay for my kids’s applications. He already took the gifted and classical exams and dates look correct. Maybe email the gocps folks to see if there’s a mistake.

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      Ivan Ochoa

      Hello, I am currently experiencing problems with my GoCps account. I am unable to view my offers when I click the “view offers” button on the cps.schoolmint.com page. I need to view my school offers in order to make a decision on my preferred high school. It was completely working Thursday, March 31st, but today, April 2nd, it is unresponsive. Can you please help with this issue.

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      Hi. I too can not access view offers on the gocps site. It was working fine Thursday and has been unavailable since yesterday.

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      Is anyone else not able to accept an offer even though the deadline is the 4th? It doesn’t let you click accept for a high school?

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      HI. Yes. A friend also can not accept an offer this weekend.

      We had issues but finally were able submit our Principal Discretion App and have a screen shot to confirm.

      However, now on the screen the Principal Discretion button has returned to Request a Principal Discretion Application. And no where on the account (view offers, applications submitted etc buttons) does it show a principal app submitted.

      Anyone else have this happen?

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      I’m also having issues on one of my computers but my iPad is showing me everything without issue.  I still have to submit PD because I couldn’t get it to work this weekend.

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