Has anyone been able to register this AM?

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      I’m getting an error message: No available form processes

      Has anyone been able to register?

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      Nope. Does not work yet

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      no, not yet

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      Nothing is available yet

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      It works now. The latest open spot is Dec.9th. Did anyone reserve it later than the date?

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      there are Dec 11 and Dec 20 dates available for Classical, but not earlier… For RGC I saw that Nov 20 was available as well as late December 19-20.

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      was this for K entry? I can only see it up to 12/9. My first one took an exam in February two years ago (for 1st grade entry) and I wonder if K entry finishes it up earlier than other grades.

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        For K entry, I saw dates until Dec. 9. Hopefully that means we’ll get our results earlier too!

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      we apply for grade 1, so the above dates are for grade 1 entry.

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      Does anyone happen to know the date range for the 7/8 Academic Centers testing? I was able to secure a mid January date, but was wondering when the earliest dates are. TIA!


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        SEES Parent

        That matches the dates from last year – mid Jan

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        Why do I see this:

        Regional Gifted Exam – Grade 7

        Your selected schools/programs do not require any events.

        My child is applying for the academic center. Is this academic center entrance exam? I am confused. The only date is Jan 14th.

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          Yes, Academic Center applicants take the Gifted exam.

          It’s possible that more test dates will be added at a later time, but I only have personal experience with that happening for Kindergarten. You could probably email OAE to see if they plan on adding more dates later.

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            Thanks. I do see more dates after paying more attention to the calendar choices.

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      Hi Rachael, I too was able to secure an exam date for mid Jan for 7/8 Academic Centers and was hoping someone could inform this group on how early students are being booked. Does this later test date affect lottery? Appreciate any updates!

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      Additional test dates for Kinder (and possibly other grades) are added later in the application window. Last year they had as far out as something like 12/23 for K when the app opened, but they added more dates later. The last date for testing was 2/28.

      Scores will be released the same day as offers/selections results.

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      Help please! For Academic Center application, it asks for GPA. My daughter is in a Catholic School and I was told they don’t calculate GPA. I’m not sure what I should put on the GPA field. She got As on Social Studies, English, Reading, and A- on Math. Will that be equivalent to 4.0 GPA even with the A – grade in Math?

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        CPS doesn’t use pluses or minuses in their calculations. Any A is 4 points, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. Your counselor will need to directly input the grades into the CPS system or you’ll need to send the grades (transcript or report card) to gocps@cps.edu before the application closes. You’ll be able to confirm that they’re on file when you’re able to view them in the Student Details tab on the dashboard.

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