How do non-CPS students get an ID and submit grades?

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      I have two questions if anyone can answer, that would be splendid!

      1. I’m from the suburbs; hence, why I don’t have a CPS ID, and I’m not sure how to get one. Do I call CPS’ access of enrollment?

      2. I’m also not sure how to submit my 7th-grade grades. My school didn’t use the typical A, B, C, D, F grading system, but they use standard-based grading (4, 3, 2, 1), so does anyone know if they take those grades as well, or how do they calculate those? I’ve already contacted my counselors, however, I’m just curious. I got all 4s during 7th grade in hopes I would get the full 450 points, so I’m not certain how it’ll work out…

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      Or I suppose my first question would only be relevant if non-CPS students need an ID to apply to SEHS.

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      Anyone interested in CPS programs should first start their application by creating an account at

      If you have not ever had a CPS student, you will answer “No” to the “Do you have a CPS Student ID?” and the portal will walk you through the steps. There are helpful videos here:

      Any non-CPS students will need their school to submit a letter grade for only 4 subjects (Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies) so the school will need to convert any other grading scale to a final letter grade. There is a drop down to choose your non-CPS school, and there may be a way to submit info for schools not listed. CPS is easy to reach at if you have any questions.

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