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      Is anyone else having issues with submitting their application? I submitted in November (and the status on the website says submitted, and I got emails from the high schools we applied to that said they received our application) but I just got a call from my daughter’s school that said that OAE called them and said her application was not submitted! I’m on hold with OAE right now but doubtful that I will get to speak to anyone. Has this happened to anyone else?

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      Was the problem fixed?

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      8thGrade Mom

      Also curious if the problem was fixed.  I am surprised your child’s school called you to tell you that her application was not submitted.  How would her current school know?


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      I am not sure if the problem got fixed – I called OAE and was able to reach someone at 4:58 pm on 12/15 (!!) who said that they saw that her application was submitted. I also have the emails from the high schools confirming that her application was received. So I figure if OAE screwed up somehow I at least have the documentation to prove that I submitted on time. Thanks for asking!

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