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      Has anyone read/been told if Kindergarten will be full time in CPS next year? I read generally that school will be full time, but worried that Kindergarten kids aren’t vaccinated CPS/CTU will say its to risky and will make them be at home.

      Has anyone read if afttercare will be back this coming year as well?




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      I have not heard but am hoping for the best.  I don’t think teachers enjoyed teaching remote learners and in-person learners at the same time.

      I do know that at least some CPS schools are opening up for YMCA summer camps, which is a very good sign that they’ll let organizations in that run aftercare this fall.

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      At this point, all teachers and other adults working in schools have had ample access to vaccine. Kids under 12 don’t have access to vaccine, so whether to send kids to school is a risk assessment for parents to make, not teachers, and I hope their decisions with respect to in person learning and after care options reflect that.

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