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      Hi there, I have to travel for work at the end of May and was hoping to make a long trip out of it with the family.  I’m gone for 2 wks in Asia.  That’s a long time and far from my kiddo.  I want to take her with me.

      Issue is that CPS’ last day is  6/18.  If I take my kindergartener out for 2 weeks at the end of the school year, is that allowed?

      I hear that for K thru 2nd grade it’s not a big deal to miss some days.

      Has anyone tried?

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      I think it depends on your specific school’s principal and how they enforce the general CPS excused absence policies.  For family reasons, we took our child out of K for one week before the holidays.  I had several detailed exchanges with the principal at our school before the principal ultimately deemed the absence as excused via principal discretion.  It was an uncomfortable process for me (totally self-imposed–nothing to do with the principal), but I ultimately thought to myself–this is Kindergarten–it’s ok!  Good luck!

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        Thanks for the tip! I will check with the principal.  I emailed the teacher to get an understanding whether it’s okay, but no reply yet, which is unusual.

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