Kindergarten Scores

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    Concerned Mom

    My 4.5 year old son was tested for both gifted and classical programs and his scores were quite low.  He seems like a bright kid, so getting a score of 77 on gifted test got me a little worried (especially if it reflects his IQ).  Is it normal for young kids to underperform, especially with no test preparation?

    P.S. His reading score was 64 and his math score was 4 for classical part.

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    If your perception of your child and your report of the scores are both correct, then a possible explanation is that, during the testing session, your son behaved in a non-cooperative manner.  A math score of 4 would otherwise be hard to justify even without preparation.

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    Concerned Mom

    My son may be a bit spoiled, so being uncooperative would not be out of character for him.  He has an expressive speech delay, so not sure if that also played a part in his low scores.  Math score was definitely a big surprise.

    Thanks for your reply hparker.

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      He probably didnt response or felt comfortable with his tester. I recommend a book called verbal math vol 1 and vol 2 great for classical test. Gifted test is more abstract thinking paper folding and puzzles, logic, mazes and etc..

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        Concerned Mom

        Thanks for your thoughts on this and for the book recommendation jazzman.  I have been focused so much on my son’s speech and social skills that I didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

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          Its nuts we have to have a discussion or anxiety and stress for kindergarten ??!! I use to laugh and look at people strange for having these discussions. Now I have joined the ranks or mob. I already did this dance and about to do it again for Academic center. What are we doing??!!

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        Thanks for the verbal math book recommendation

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    PreK dad

    If your child did early testing for kindergarden, can you share some information – Birth month, length of test and score? Trying hard not to interpret but my daughter was in the room for less than 15 minutes and I cant believe we have to wait until April to find out results.  She has an April birthday, speech delay but knows how to read and solve basic math problems. But I can also see her guessing because she didn’t understand the question. Really hoping she has a chance at Skinner North.

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