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      My little one is 2.5 yrs old. His older sibling in CPS classical school – was easy to train. Would want little one to go to the same school. Looking for a good learning center/day care which helps a toddler with SEES type training. Any suggestions? Preferably around Lincoln park.

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      Have you considered teaching him/her by yourself? while reserving preschool for playing and social activities only.

      I started teach my son when he was 3. Only 5 minutes math and 5 minutes reading a day, everyday, until he was 4. Then doing each topic 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day prior to the exam. It may sound easy, but requires a lot of preparation, persistence for the parents.

      My son got 99.9, 99.9, and 148. Basically, any one of his scores was enough to be admitted a SEES. Parental effort makes a huge difference. I doubt any “learning center” would be that consistent in a 2 year span.

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      Kudos to you, JB! OP, this is the way to go, take things in your own hands. There are schools that are more academically rigorous than others and it will help by exposing your child to what’s tested on a classical test. However, you still have to work with them consistently.



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      Thnx for you inputs. We are trying. But can you pls share name of some the centers if you know?

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      My child, who was accepted at our top choice,  Decatur, attends Montessori Gifted Prep School located in Lincoln Square.  We love the school, staff, and families that attend. Families are diverse and my child was always excited about going to preschool to hang out with friends.  Every year they send multiple children to SEES schools because the school is academically rigorous.  I believe that the majority of Montessori Gifted Prep kiddos who take the test receive a SEES offer. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who wishes to best prepare their child to attend SEES for kindergarten.

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      Disney Magnet on Marine Drive has an academic-based preK program. Several students at Skinner North at various grade levels attended Disney Magnet for preK.  I’ve also heard several students at Skinner North came from Audubon’s preK program.

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