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      I recently found out our great-so-far magnet, STEM, offers no Algebra option for Middle School.  They don’t take any new kids after 7th grade and about half the kids move out to Academic Centers after 6th.  While this is great for those kids, if you are Tier 3/4 and don’t test out to the ACs or cannot commute to them, it is a bad situation for those who stay.  Has anyone had a good/different experience with a magnet middle school program that you stayed in???

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      Why is algebra important for middle school? I’m 32 so I’m about 15 years removed but I didn’t have algebra until high school

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      Having algebra in middle school is important because it helps those that want to go onto higher math classes in high school. It always those students to take AP Calc and dual credit. The more exposure you have in math the easier it becomes. Iam very surprised algebra isn’t offered at a STEM school???

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        Exactly.  To ever get to Calc – if you want to be in a STEM type of major in college, 8th grade Algebra is important.  I think some CPS magnet schools do offer it.  But I am still trying to figure out which ones…..    In the burb’s for example, one would combine several elementaries into one Jr High and any student could have a chance to take some advanced courses in whatever subject if they have the ability and desire.  At a small CPS school there probably just isn’t the scale to do this, but I was assuming at least the specialty schools would be strong in their ‘specialty’. The ‘academic centers’ don’t cover all the demand….or all the geographic areas….

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