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      Does anyone know if there is a policy regarding CTU support in the classroom? Is there a policy? Is this something that would be addressed at the CPS or individual school level?

      My children’s school has “Union Fridays” in which the teachers and staff wear pro-union gear on Fridays. I’ve not been bothered to address my concerns about it until the recent strike. As it’s public school, I am not comfortable with any political stance being supported over any other, especially because the schools are supported by all taxpayers. The strike had very clear political tones. Before the strike the teacher explained the strike from the union’s perspective, but not the city’s. Today I learned that in one class, students who supported (visited, gifted) the striking teachers received gifts from their teachers, while other students did not. I find this highly inappropriate as it does not teach about the overall civic process but rather rewards students for only supporting one cause.

      Am I overreacting? How do I go about approaching this? Do I bring it to the teacher’s attention? The principal’s? LSC?

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      I agree with your concerns.  I am not certain who is the go to person or organization.  I would address your concern to the Principal and the LSC.

      Please update us on their response once you voice your concern.

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      CPS Parent

      Thanks SSMom. I’m still debating if I raise the concern. There are so many things going wrong at the school this year that I feel I have to choose my battles. If I do voice my concern I’ll update again.

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