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      Does anyone know what to expect from the Principal selection process at Lasalle Elem. Language Academy? Will it be bad idea to choose to start Kindergarten here in the fall wihout a Principal currently in place?

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      They received a notice from the LSC that said an old principal will finish out the school year. The current principal’s last day was today. The school is in a bit of turmoil because of the havoc the old principal caused. I don’t know if you have looked at the drop in test scores, loss of 1+ school rating, and the 5 essentials report but those are very telling. Can’t tell you if you would be making a mistake but the old principal came in celebrating a Blue Ribbon school and went out forced by parents. I would be a little concerned about who the next principal is and how they will affect the school. I think the school can turn around and be great like it used to be though. Just need to get the right person to head the school. I don’t think that will be known until after the school year starts.

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