Pritzker Regional Gifted Center?

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      Hi All,

      My daugher was offered to go to Pritzker RGC, but we don’t have too much information on the school to make a decision.  Does anybody have any insight on the school?  She is in a private school currently and will be going into 7th grade.  Thanks for any insight.



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      I don’t know anyone that has a child in the RGC but I have heard good reviews from parents at our preschool that send their kids to the neighborhood program.

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      Our daughter is a rising 3rd grader in Pritzker’s Options Program (this is the selective enrollment gifted program).  She was admitted during the kindergarten application process, which means we have been a Pritzker family for 3 years.  Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the upper grades, but will say that we have been satisfied with the program thus far.  In my opinion, the teachers and staff are great, and the LSC is strong, but the principal leaves something to be desired.  Another thing to consider (regardless of the school) is that many Options students in CPS tend to transfer to Academic Centers at 7th/8th grade.

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      Hi chrisjonesmtg – My son going into Kindergarten was also offered a spot in the RGC at Pritzker, I was wondering what you decided, if you found any additional helpful info online, and how you made your decision?  Thanks so much!

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