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      My daughter just received an offer (we accepted) to Pritzker RGC. Any other parents out there who accepted an offer to Pritzker for 3rd grade?  I was wondering if you would be up for meeting up so our kiddos will have a familiar face for the start of the school year.

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      We accepted at Pritzker, our daughter is rising to 3rd

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        Oh awesome!  Let me know if you want to meet up this summer.  My email is  Congrats!

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          @himana, I just emailed you as well but my daughter is also a rising third grade and will be attending Pritzker RGC this fall. I would love to connect!


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      We also received an offer for rising 3rd. I think we’ll decline as it’s too far but I’m curious where are you both located? We are on the south side

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        We live in Lakeview.  I don’t blame you though, the commute can be such a game changer.  Last year my youngest was offered a seat to NTA but we declined since it was too far.  I agonized about it (“it’s selective enrollment!”) but super happy that I don’t have to drive that far every day.

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      Early on received an offer at Pritzker which we  ended up declining due to the commute. It was a hard decision. But We live far north with two schools/commutes.
      today, we received another offer. we feel 100% relieved with the new choice including shorter.

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        Including shorter commute…

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      I just came here looking for Pritzker feedback, so wanted to reply. We also received an offer for our son, rising 3rd, and have not decided yet. The commute would be a lot more than we’re used to especially with a sibling going the opposite direction, and I think school starts at 9, which makes it a little more tricky for us.

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