Really Good Magnet vs RGC

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      Hi all,

      We got a conundrum on our hands and don’t known how to navigate it. Our son got accepted into Hawthorne Scholastic Academy in the first round. We did the tour, liked what we saw, we registered and pretty much set minds on it. On Thursday we received an offer from the NTA’s RGC Program and we are very tempted to accept it. NTA will cut about 20 min of commute, it’s an Selected Enrollment program and the buildings are newer, for what that is worth, but we can’t seem to find how the school, better said the RGC program, squares against Hawthorne.

      Any and all perspectivs are appreciated.

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      Both great options and pretty on par with the other. In my humble opinion, commute is a big deal. Especially because 20 minutes can easily turn into 40 depending on the time of day. Aside from that consider how early you need to be out, get home, aftercare and also having friends that live nearby (which is also not a given with RGC either.) Good luck!

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      South Side Mom

      I would prefer an RGC over a lottery school, as the children would potentially be in a more challenging environment. And 20 more minutes each way, everyday wears the kids out. My humble opinion.

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      If it’s closer – definitely the RGC.  NTA is very good.  You probably couldn’t go wrong either way.  Many kids from good magnets go on to go to the top academic centers just like the SEES kids do.


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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>We ended up accepting NTA’s offer only to get Columbus on Wed and Bell RGC today. We ended up accepting Bell.</p>
      Thanks everyone for the input, we really appreciate it!

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