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      Concerned Uncle

      Does anyone know of any CPS schools that work well with autistic children? My nephew is a high-functioning autistic child, but we are looking at options other than the neighborhood school that he attends. Unfortunately, private schools are not an option because of a tight budget, so we’re hoping to find CPS options.

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      The first step is to make sure your nephew has an IEP. Through that process, students can get placed to schools that best serve their needs. Families can reject placements and ask for a new one, including another option that does not have to be his neighborhood school. Which schools have those services changes as the population within them with needs changes. In other words, once a child with needs graduates, that school may no longer have the in house services the next year. Services tend to follow a student, not necessarily the other way around. Not quite the most efficient way, so it could change.

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      Jennifer Iverson

      City Elementary is an amazing option in Hyde Park:

      An academically rigorous school with very small class sizes, lots of one-on-one teacher instruction, sensory support, and a robust social-emotional curriculum. Really an incredible place.

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