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      Anyone know when the elementary results will be published this year? Heard they might be delayed.

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      S. R.

      According to poster on the results forum, not until 4/27

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      Does anyone know how common it is to get a 300 on the selective enrollment test for academic centers? It seems as though the HS test has lots of perfect scores but my daughter (who did selective prep and is fairly bright) got a 223 (2 years ago). My son needs something around 275 to get into his first choice (Tier 4). Is that an impossibility?

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        Faye, I remember your daughter got accepted to WYHS, how about your son? Did he get into WYAC?

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      My son and his friends scored somewhere between 288 to 300 on the AC entrance exam last year.

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        @KCK oh wow! That’s good to know! My son is a much better test taker than my daughter so I’m crossing my fingers for a first choice offer this time around!

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          Good luck! 24 more days to go…

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      Laura Baginski

      Hi all! As we (including me) continue to wait for those dang results, take a look at this article that Grace Sawin, the owner of this site, wrote for NPN about what to expect from CPS notification letters.,what-to-expect-from-cps-notification-letters

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      Anyone else out there anxiously awaiting AC results?!

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      Looking forward to 2 PM to see the acceptance information on

      We picked Skinner North as our #1 choice, anyone else pick SN for #1?

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        We chose SN as #1. Seems to be the popular choice. yikes!

        I just realized I ranked my non-SEE choices out of the order I’d like. For example, my first choice magnet school would be AJLS (Andrew Jackson language school), but instead I had Ogden.
        Does anyone know if that affect the acceptance process?

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          I was told that the ranking for non-SEES choices doesn’t matter. Hoping that’s true.

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            It’s true, ranking only comes into play for selective enrollment schools.

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      My heart is racing. Can’t wait for 2.00 PM. Good luck everyone. Our 1st choice was Edison and 2nd Decatur. Kinda regret not picking Wildwood elementary. Time will tell 🙂

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      The view application results link has been enabled but it is not working yet. I will keep trying 😀

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      The results are out.

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      Applied for K
      Tier 4
      RGC Score: 131
      Offered at NTA RGC

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        We got NTA also

        RGC 130
        Tier 3

        We will likely be accepting.

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      Applied for K
      Tier 4
      Reading 99.5
      Math 99
      Offered Decatur

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      No offers. Applied to Edison and Decatur

      98 – Reading, 87 – Math
      116 – Gifted score

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        Grade and tier?

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      Applied for K
      Tier 4
      Reading 91
      Math 87
      Offered Poe

      Also offered Miles Davis and Haines. Number 3 on Tier 4 waitlist for Sheridan, and number 24 on Tier 4 waitlist for A. Jackson.

      Decision time…

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        take Poe

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      Applied for K
      Tier 3
      Reading: 99.9
      Math: 91
      Offered Decatur – Rank 1

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      Are there “waitlists” for selective enrollment or just for magnet?

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        Waitlists are only for Non-Selective enrollment schools. However, there will be more rounds of offers if the selective schools have seats open.

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      applied to 7th grade at Young
      Tier 3
      AC score – 140
      total score – 859.4
      not offered

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      Whitney young 7th grade offered
      880 total
      we’re very excited!

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      Applying to 1st grade Skinner,Skinner North, Decatur
      Tier 4
      reading 99
      math 98
      No offers

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      Applied for K
      Tier 3
      Reading: 99.9
      Math: 95
      Offered: Skinner North – Rank 1

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      Applied for K
      Tier 3
      Gifted Score: 149
      Offered: Edison (Rank 1)

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      Tier 4 863.8 Offered Lane (2nd choice) Not Offered WY

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      When will we see cutoff scores?

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      Applied for Kindergarten
      Tier 4
      Gifted score: 155

      Applied to Edison and Bell.
      Offered Edison (first choice).

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      Tier 4 863.8 accepted at Lane (2nd choice) not offered WY

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      Offered spot at Lane ( 1st choice ) score 865.4 Tier 4

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      Parent x3

      @squiggles — Unlike selective enrollment high schools, there are no published “cut off” scores for SEES. The pool of students accepted is too small; releasing that data raises confidentiality concerns.

      Applied for 5th grade (Bell and Coonley only)
      Score 141
      No offers

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      Tier 4
      Accepted to WY, 1st choice

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        That’s WY AC btw.

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      Applied to 1st
      reading 99
      math 98
      gifted 120

      offered Bell. Thoughts on Bell’s program?

      Was really hoping for one of the Skinners. Has anyone heard of a family getting into classical for 1st grade?

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        Classical first grade entry is possible at Skinner West for next school year because we’re moving.Child is at K right now.

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        We applied to 1st for SN (older sib is there) and got an offer so there must have been at least one spot.
        Math 99
        Reading 99
        Good luck!

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        Oh and curious about your tier with the 120 score and Bell acceptance.

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      @parent x3 – Thank you! They posted cutoffs last year for Academic Centers.

      I thought maybe they’d do it again, but no big deal.

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        Tried posting link but can’t. It’s on the old cpsobsessed blog – comment #31 in the comments of the Academic Center Letters Spring 2017 post.

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        What Tier, please?

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      Parent x3

      @squiggles — you are right, for academic centers they should post

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      we did not get offered to either of the Skinners for K. All waitlisted for non-selective.

      My son’s scores are quite low – which was a big shock, but it is what it is. 🙁

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      Applied to K

      Reading: 98
      Math: 80

      Offered Skinner North (our #1)

      We also have an offer from FXW (private) for BOTH of our boys (3yo also). Argh. What to do?!?

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        Which tier?

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          Oops – forgot to list that. We’re Tier 1.

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      Tier 4
      Accepted at Lane – 1st choice

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      Teacher Mom

      We received a Bell offer last year, and spent a long time considering moving our child out of our neighborhood school. I was really impressed by everything I saw there. We ended up deciding that the benefits of the neighborhood school outweighed the possibilities of Bell, but it was a difficult decision.

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        My daughter just got offered a spot at Bell (4th grade next year)… We thought we would be excited, but the thought of moving her is feeling overwhelming… Would love to know if you came up with a strategy for making sure your child is getting what they need from their neighborhood school?

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      Former / Current Decatur parents, do we stand a chance with 98 reading and 87 Math – second round? Tier 4

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      Good luck everyone!

      If anyone is looking for info on Skinner North, my kid went there for three years, so I may be able to answer some questions for you.

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        Oooh – I’d love to chat. How can I get a hold of you?

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          Feel free to contact me at SNexparent at gmail dot etc., but…..please also consider asking your questions in public, if you feel comfortable doing so. Other people might have the same questions, or may have the questions later in the summer, and would benefit from seeing the questions and answers here. (But I’ll respond to either.)

          Also, be aware that there are parallel conversations going on at NPN ( – though you have to pay to get in) and at the blog Here’s the SEES thread in particular:
          RGC and Classical School Elementary Letters Spring 2018

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        We have received an offer for K at SN for our son and we are planning to accept the offer. The Open House for SN in on May 10, but we would like to know more about SN as much as possible before then. Did you use the after-school program there for your kid? If so, do you mind sharing your thoughts? Thanks

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          How did you find out about the open house? Was this part of your acceptance letter? I don’t see anything in our letter about an open house

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          We had our kid involved in some of the after school programs/classes that were offered by the school (Skinner North All Stars), but never did the J at School after school program, so I’m afraid I can’t speak to that, sorry! I’m sure they’ll have information on that at the open house!

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        I’d say Yes, my Son had 98M, 84R and got an offer last year for K to Decatur (Tier 4)

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          Thanks, ZT. That helps.

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        We got offered skinner north for our daughter for K. How do we connect and meet? We have lots of questions.

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          SNFather – and really, any who have been admitted and have questions about SN: please feel free to contact me at SNexparent at gmail dot etc., especially if you have questions you would prefer not to ask in public. (Though we are all anonymous here, I suppose.)

          Otherwise, feel free to ask here (or on the NPN thread or at – I am keeping tabs on all of the threads), and I will answer as best I can.

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            SNExparent I have sent you an email.

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              I am also a current SN parent and have an acceptance for my second kiddo now so happy to answer questions on here. Ask away!

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      Tier 4
      Accepted at Taft AC (2nd Choice)
      Not offered WY (1st Choice)

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      Applied to 7th
      Tier 3
      Offered WY (1st choice)
      Will accept

      Good Luck to All!

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      Offered Skinner North for K. Tier 3. Also offered Hawthorne (sibling). Same thing happened 5 years ago and we chose Hawthorne but having a harder time deciding this time.

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      Applied to 1st
      Tier 3
      Classical reading: 99 math: 68
      RGC score: 129
      Offered Bell (3rd choice)
      Waitlisted Mayer (#10) non-selective.

      Any current families at Bell and Mayer who’d like share thoughts?

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        FMG, we are former Mayer and current Bell parents. Our first grader is in Bell’s option program. We are really happy. The first grade teacher assigns a lot of homework which keeps our little guy busy, but he is learning a lot and seems to be doing well. He was at Mayer for three years, from Pre-K through K. We LOVED Mayer. The parents and teachers are great and we felt like part of a community.

        We don’t feel as much a part of Bell’s community, which I think is typical for options parents. If you live outside of the neighborhood, I think you just need to make a bigger effort to get involved.

        One surprising difference between the schools that I’ve noticed is the level of communication and organization. Mayer’s communication is really great (although they have a new principal this year so maybe that has changed). For example, Mayer has a “moving sidewalk” for dropoff and pickup and it runs really smoothly, with both parents and staff helping ensure the kids get quickly and safely to/from the School. When the occasional parent doesn’t follow the moving sidewalk rules, the principal sends gentle reminders to the parents about the rules.

        I see a lot of complaints in the Bell parent Facebook page about their “Kiss n Go” about unsafe drivers and people not following the rules.

        Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either school. Bell’s options program is definitely more rigorous than Mayer’s Montessori program and it can be a bit stressful (for parents, not so much for the kids). It’s also a bigger school which can be intimidating. The Bell first grade options teacher is awesome and I don’t think you’ll hear too many parents (if any) disagree. The kids in my son’s Mayer classroom seemed to be doing really well academically with reading and math. I would not be concerned about Mayer’s academics at all. We only left because Bell was closer, and we felt like the traditional classroom was a bit better for our easily distracted 6 year old.

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          DJ Thanks so much for your insight between Mayer and Bell. We really appreciate it!

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      RoscoeVillage Mom

      Applied to 1st grade
      Classical Reading: 99
      Classical math: 94
      RGC: 129

      Accepted at Beaubien (5th choice).

      I’m trying to understand tiers. I don’t see a tier anywhere on our information. How do tiers affect acceptance? For example, Bell was 4th choice for us and we didn’t get in, but the poster above had similar/slightly lower scores and did. Is this tier-related or just luck of the draw?

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        Tiers are based on your address and census track data on income – Roscoe village is probably tier 4 (most wealthy). For entry years like K, kids are ranked within a tier. They try to build classes with equal amounts of kids from each tier.

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      Applied for K
      Tier 2
      RGC Score: 139
      Offered at Bell RGC (our first choice)

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      Applied: K
      Tier 4
      RGC Score: 153
      Offered: Edison RGC

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      Parent x3

      @ Roscoe Village Mom —

      Tier information can be found here:

      If you live in Roscoe Village, you are probably Tier 4 (which generally requires a higher score for admission). In other words, someone from Tier 1, 2 or 3 could receive an offer with a lower score. With respect to the post above yours, you both received the same RGC score (a 129). The classical scores (reading and math) don’t matter at all when looking at a RGC program such as Bell, Coonley, Edison, etc. So it wouldn’t matter if your child’s classical scores were higher. When scores are tied for students from the same tier, there is some sort of tie-breaker formula that CPS uses. I don’t recall exactly what it is…. maybe someone else on here knows?

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        RoscoeVillage Mom

        This makes perfect sense. Thank you for explaining!

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          RoscoeVillage Mom

          I assume the tiers are meant to correlate with geographic-based need? I ask because when I looked up our tier, most of it correlates with Audubon and Hamilton, but we are in Jahn, which is (by reputation) less desirable. Just trying to learn the system here.

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      Applied: K
      RGC score: 140
      Tier: 4
      Offered: Pritzker


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        Also offered at Pritzker RGC…anyone have any input of Pritzker’s RGC program?

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          Pritzker and the RGC program is great!

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        My daughter got 123 for RGC score. Pritzker RGC offered. Tier 1. Anybody have any info on that program?

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        Anyone else rejecting their Pritzker RGC offer? I wasn’t impressed with the program/school.

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          Gifted: 148
          Math: 95
          Reading: 91

          Offered Pritzker (top choice because we live in the neighborhood) and will accept.
          Really like the extra arts component, and enjoyed the visit. Seems like a very diverse place. I wonder if the parent who wasn’t impressed wanted them to talk up the gifted program more? Of course they’re not going to do that when there are lots of parents from all three programs there.

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          What didn’t impress you? I was pleasantly surprised, given the mixed reviews of seen of the RGC program. The kids at all ages seemed lively but under control; everyone was polite and seemed to know each other even though the school is a bit larger than some others; and yes, the abundance of arts offerings will be great for my creative kiddo.

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            @tgparticipant @humboldtparkmom I felt that they couldn’t give anything on paper as to how the Options students scored or how many of them got into SE high schools. They are also only. Level 1 school. Also, if you look on the school’s FB page, the principal just posted a message to the parents stating that she had to lock the bathroom doors bc of misconduct by the students…they were putting feces on the walls, covering toilets with paper and some were found to be cutting themselves in the bathroom . I found this a little startling. Thoughts?

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              There were a few isolated incidents with the bathrooms and after a constructive LSC meeting with parent feedback the bathrooms are now open again. Just to be clear, when they were locked every teacher had a key, the students had to just ask for the it.

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              This is what we published on last year’s graduates. We publish these results every year on the school website. We also have 17-18 students a year get accepted into academic centers and these are not reflected in the numbers below.

              Here is a snapshot of where this year’s (2017) graduates are going to high school:

              Selective enrollment schools: 38.7%/29 students
              Neighborhood, military or selective programs in a school of choice (e.g., double honors, performing arts, magnet and scholars programs): 37.3%/28 students
              Charter schools: 17.3%/13 students
              IB schools: 6.67%/5 Students

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        I’m so happy to have found this thread. My daughter will be in K options at Pritzker after attending the preschool. It’s a wonderful school. You made the right choice. Every school has its issues, but involved parents make the difference. Looking forward to meeting all of you.

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      Parent x3

      @ Roscoe Village Mom

      Here is some info I found online about how tiers are determined:

      Looks like there are multiple factors considered such as median family income, education attainment, neighborhood school performance (this is where Jahn might be a factor), etc. There are other factors too.

      Others might have more insight. I’m just a parent who has played this game before. Good luck!

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      Applied: K
      RGC score: 145
      Tier: 4
      Offered: Bell (second choice after Skinner N)

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        Thanks for posting. Gives insight as to what score was needed to get round 1 Bell offers.

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      Applied: K
      RGC: 138
      Classical Reading: 99
      Classical Math: 98
      Tier: 4
      Offered: Skinner North (second choice after Bell)

      Thinking to decline Skinner North with hopes of a Bell offer in future rounds. Wondering if 138 is high enough Any other Bell offers out there? What’s your Tier & Score? Anyone declining their Bell offer? And does tier matter for future rounds? So many questions!

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        Bell doesn’t have a K gifted so if u decline your child won’t have a spot

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          Bell has added a Kindergarten SEES class this year, as Coonley did not have room to keep RGC K in their program. This year Bell has both a complete K and 1st grade Regional Gifted Center class to seat. Next year only the K class will be the entry year and 1st grade will only be attrition spots, if any.

          This year Coonley is only taking attrition spots for 1st grade (oftentimes school don’t know if anyone is leaving a grade until summer).

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        Tier 4
        Applied K
        RGC score 141
        First choice Bell, second choice Edison

        No offers for both.

        Any Bell offers out there, please list ur score and whether or not you plan to accept.


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          Thanks for posting. Gives insight as to our chances for a future round Bell offer.

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        Parent x3

        @ TG — What is your backup option if you end up empty handed? How strong is your preference for Bell?

        With my first child (a long, long time ago now — like 9 yrs!) I turned down two regional gifted spots for first grade, holding out for our top choice. It worked and we got an offer to our first choice in the third round. HOWEVER, I was perfectly happy to keep my child where he was (an awesome neighborhood school) if we ended up with nothing. Two years ago, I did the same thing with my daughter (who received an offer in the summer) and she ended up with no later offers. Again though, we were happy for her to stay where she was.

        Good luck with your decision

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          @Parent x3 – Yeah, we are in a similar situation as you were — our neighborhood school is Mitchell, which we like a lot but just have some concerns about the curriculum not being accelerated enough. I’m not sure how strong the Bell preference is, but going to tour both schools this week and next. We’ll see! Thanks for the support.

          One thing that seems tricky about the RGC programs is that it’s hard to find data (demographics, test scores, etc.) for just the gifted classes, rather than for the school overall. Does anyone have resources for that?

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      Applied to K
      Tier 4

      Reading: 90
      Math: 80

      RGC: 144
      Offered Lenart

      I would rather have NTA. Thoughts on Lenart?

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        surprised that score didn’t get you NTA.
        Did you list it #1? Maybe contact them or accept the other one and keep it on the list for 2nd round offers.

        • #6949 Reply

          Once you accept an SEES offer, you are taken out of the pool for future offers.

        • #6954 Reply

          We put Lenart as our first choice in December but changed our mind after it was too late. We are going to attend the Open House at Lenart and then make a decision. We love the NTA community and the fact that they work hard to develop the whole child.

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      I do not have a child at Lenart, but I know 2 families who have children there. They are very happy with school.

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      Now in chicago

      Entering 3rd grade. Scores of 99 and 99. Decatur offer – but it’s at least 45 minutes to an hour away from home. Called OAE and they said this year Skinner North had just 2 seats and Skinner West had just 1 seat open in third grade. So if we decline Decatur and choose to wait through the summer, I am guessing our chances of landing a seat at one of the 2 Skinners is low. Our neighborhood school is Skinner West so that’s our backup.

      Grateful for any insight or advice. Thank you very much!

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      applied K
      reading: 99.5
      math: 99
      rgc: terrible
      tier 4

      offered skinner north

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        Can you please elaborate on RGC score?  It helps us future CPS parents get a picture of the cutoffs.

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      Entering 1st grade

      RGC Reading 99, Math 94 No offer (1st and only choice Decatur)
      Gifted 121 OFFERED Beaubien

      We will be declining Beaubien and holding out for a shot in the dark at Decatur after the 1st round.

      DS is thriving at a small school outside of our neighborhood where we have a great rapport with the principal and families, don’t think it is worth it to move him. I’m sure I will second guess that decision the rest of my life…

      • #6861 Reply

        Beaubien might be a better option than Decatur. Beaubien goes all the way to 8th grade and has a really strong Math team (from what I’ve heard). Our friends who moved from Edison to Beaubien are very happy.

        • #6875 Reply

          entering 1st, tier 3
          rgc 119
          reading 64
          math 98
          offer beaubien
          can anyone offer contacts for beaubien? is there a tour scheduled?

    • #6858 Reply

      Applied for 3rd
      Reading 99
      Math 99
      RGC 132

      Offered Decatur (2nd choice, behind Edison)

      Not sure what we will do…

      Anybody else apply for 3rd at Edison?

    • #6859 Reply
      Now in chicago

      @Momof2, we are planning to do the Decatur tour on Friday. Are you going to do it too? If so we can compare notes.

    • #6860 Reply

      Before I forget: 

      If your child scored 99.9 on either the reading or math, or they scored 160 (K) or 150 (any other grade) on the RGC test, you may want to consider looking into the Davidson Young Scholars Program

      Davidson provides various resources, but one of the best things they do is put parents in touch with each other – which means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you are trying to figure out school options for your kid.

      • #6920 Reply

        I was going through the requirements for application and they need the parents to send a detailed report of the test their kids took.. I doubt CPS is going to give us a comprehensive report, considering how protective they are of the Selective Enrollment test. Have you applied to this program?

      • #6958 Reply

        Hi SNexparent,

        Reading 99.9
        Math 84
        RGC 140
        I checked out the Davidson Young scholar site and I am not sure if my son is qualify as they need 145+, although, his reading is 99.9. Did you Sumit the result that we received from CPS or you have our own private tester. Would you recommend one?

        • #7065 Reply

          Hi SNRx (and anyone else wondering the same things),

          Sorry I didn’t respond earlier – I missed this somehow! Yes, to apply for Davidson, you would need to have separate, outside testing. We checked Hoagies for suggestions and went with psychologists from their list:

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      For 1st grade

      Tier 4
      RGC Score 140
      Reading 96
      Math 98

      Offered BELL! First rank

    • #6886 Reply
      Dr. Steve Brule

      Applied: K
      Reading: 99.9
      Math: 95
      RGC: 144
      Tier 4

      Offered/accepted Skinner North (third choice after Edison and Bell)

      • #6891 Reply

        Thanks for posting. Gives insight as to what score was needed for round 1 Bell offers.

      • #6921 Reply

        Did you get an offer at Edison or Bell?

        • #6924 Reply

          Neither. It seems that Tier 4 RGC 145 was needed at the minimum.

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      After 4 yrs of devoted homework time with my 5 yr and 2 bootcamps later her scores were low 85 reading and 84 Math and RGC 127. No offers, we are debating between skinner west and Abraham Lincoln Elementary for in district schools which we would need to move into. Can anyone please give us your opinion on which school you think is best? I’m not holding my breath for 2nd round for SN and SW classical or Edison.

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        South side mom

        Have you thought about Bronzeville classical? Your kid scored the above cutoff for classical. You will get an offer since they seem to have a hard time to fill out the spots. The first year is always hard to fill out spots. They will be having an open house on 5/7.

        • #6917 Reply

          @southsidemom, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, we can’t chose any classical schools at this point since we passed the selection process.

          • #6919 Reply

            I believe they are opening up testing again on May 9th. Call this number 773-535-1166 or 708-831-1861. It looks like they are really trying to fill seats. Good luck to you!

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            south side mom

            If you did not rank the Bronzeville classical on your application but your kid score above the cutoff, you can still apply. They are letting family who did not tested their kids to fill out the application during open house and then will be testing later on. If your kids already took test and above cutoff, you just need to contact principal Spicer or OAE. Be positive!!

            • #7170 Reply
              Impressed by Bronzeville

              After attending the open house and meeting with the principal, we were very impressed by Bronzeville. The curriculum is supposed to be identical to Skinner North and Skinner West Classical, and the new facilities look amazing.

              Surprisingly, there are about 30 open slots for second grade and about 45 each for first and K. If you were trying for either of the Skinners, had a qualifying score, but didn’t get one of the few open spots, it seems like you are still eligible for Bronzeville.

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                Just curious, but has the school start/end time for Bronzeville been determined? Also, are after school programs being offered?

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                  Impressed by Bronzeville

                  Per yesterday’s open house, Bronzeville’s start time will be either 745 or 8am. There will be before care starting at 7am and an after school program until 6pm.

              • #7179 Reply

                As a West Loop mother seeking a strong accelerated academic program for my son entering 2nd grade this fall with grades that met the classical school criteria (99M/90R), I was hopeful to get into Skinner North or Classical. After spending some time with Mrs. Spicer, the new principal at Bronzeville Classical, I’m even more excited about this new Classical school option. Not only is the Bronzeville curriculum identical, as she was previously the Skinner North Asst. Principal and plans to replicate, but it will also benefit from additional funding which includes a brand new school currently under construction, a brand new Art Studios, Gym, Music Rooms, new technology/computers for each student and a Learning Center (hybrid of library, media center, and classroom). Mrs. Spicer stressed that she is hiring teachers who have accelerated Classical experience, offering language (Mandarin/Spanish) and extensive focus on personalized learning (an educational approach tailors learning to each student’s needs, strengths and interest). Classical schools have long needed to expand in Chicago and Bronzeville Classical is an exciting addition to that list.

                • #7259 Reply

                  I plan to attend the next open house but what is everyone’s thoughts about being the “first” class at a brand new school? I can’t seem to get my head around it…I know there are pros and cons…

                  Positives – strong funding, focused administration to get things right, new and fresh ideas…

                  Negatives – what if it all falls apart? Where will our kids go? What will the impact be?

                  Have there been any “new” schools that go bust? Or are most of them success stories?

                  Sorry if I am rambling…trying to convince my husband that this could be a great opp but he does not want our child to be a “guinea pig”…. Anyhow, my child might not even get in…high math but just barely above the cutoff for reading.

                  • #7260 Reply

                    One more thought…what happens if they cannot fill all the spots by the time school starts? Will it still proceed with opening? I’m really excited about the feedback so far (and will attend the next open house) but just a lot of random thoughts in my mind.

                    • #7265 Reply
                      Impressed by Bronzeville

                      We’re in the same boat. We understand the risks, but the vision and potential of Bronzeville are so great that we are giving up a seat at a hard to get in magnet.

    • #6895 Reply

      Hi all. Just received our offers
      Math 85
      Reading 87
      RGC 111
      Tier 2 ( Hood just dropped from a 3 this year)
      Offered Decatur and Hamilton Mag Cluster

      We have two more kids at home(soon to be 3yoand 1yo) so our decision is more about
      1) accept Decatur and let the oldest take a great opportunity

      2) accept Hamilton and let all three kids (eventually) have a very good opportunity.

      I’m interested to hear anyone’s thoughts.


      • #6918 Reply

        @seabassparticipant you are very lucky that your Tier dropped from 3 to 2. My daughter got the same scores and was in Tier 3 and was not offered any of our choices which was SN, SW, Decatur and Edison. Congrats!

      • #6975 Reply

        It’s a very tricky choice and one that I have personally faced. In the end we did go the SEES route and it turns out that our second one is now at the same SEES so everything worked out in the end (although we still have a third kiddo who’s not in school yet) but I know there’s no guarantee. I think you have to go with your gut right now and do what you think is best for this individual child since you can’t predict what will happen with the other two. CPS does not make this all easy so you have to kind of live in the moment and hope everyone ends up where they should be. Do you have a good neighborhood school option for your other two if you give up Hamilton?

      • #7247 Reply

        Wondering what “hood” you are in. We are in a tiny apt in tier 4, with no SEES offers, but a score of 115 for my rising Kindergartener. I may need to move. =) We did get an offer from Hamilton which I am considering. My oldest is at Lenart RGC and takes a very long drive coming and going.

      • #9089 Reply

        @Seabass: so did my child take 2 diff exams for Kindergarten? 1 for RGC and another for Classical? It seems like his classical scores were WAY lower than your childs but he had a comparable RGC score. Is the RGC more about IQ and the other two about how much we’ve taught them (or not lol) at home or pre-k? tks!

    • #6899 Reply

      Just declined Skinner North offer for K. Tier 3

      • #6915 Reply

        Any specific reasons if you can share?

        • #6956 Reply

          She has two sisters in a different school. We love their current school and don’t want to separate them.

          • #6989 Reply

            Thank you. That totally makes sense.

    • #6900 Reply

      Does anybody have any information about Disney gifted program? How is it compared to the classical schools? I know I shouldn’t even be doubting about accepting Decatur’s offer, but I want to have all the information before making a decision.

      I would appreciate any insight!

      • #6909 Reply

        I heard Disney Gifted Program is based on the students’ NWEA scores, students have to maintain their percentile in order to stay inside the program.

    • #6929 Reply

      Tier 3
      Reading: 99.9%
      Math: 84%
      RGC: 131
      Offered: Decatur Classical

    • #6955 Reply

      Tier 3
      Reading: 99%
      Math: 98%
      RGC: 145
      Offered: Keller (1st)

      Does anyone have experience with Keller? We are debating if we should accept the offer. It is far from our location (55th St by the lake).

      • #6969 Reply

        Keller is very good school and every kid can ride school bus to /from school no matter how far it is in the city. Starting school time is early at 7:30. Some kids need to wake up 5:50am to catch school bus. If it is not a problem for you, you can consider taking it although it is far.

    • #6962 Reply

      Anyone get a coonley 1st grade offer?

    • #6963 Reply

      Not sure what to do. Advise?
      Reading 99.9%
      Math 84%
      Gifted 140%
      Tied 4
      Offered Skinner North (first choice)
      The problem is working in Elk Grove village. This is big issue.
      Should we give up? Working 8:30 am-5:30 pm.


      • #6966 Reply

        In my opinion, if you get an offer from Skinner North, you should consider accepting it, since not many are fortunate enough to get an offer from such a top class school. Also, it’s the entry year, one may not be fortunate enough to get an offer later even if you wish to in later grades. So, think twice! Skinner North and West are both reputed schools for their classical curriculum! All the best!

        • #6968 Reply

          Hi Daffodils,

          Thank you so much for your kind advise. We did not expect to get the offered but we did. just will be very difficult to drop off my son to school and drive to work in Elk Grove village starting at 8:30-5:30 pm. Dropping off might be ok but picking up by 6 pm is impossible.

          Very confusing


          • #6974 Reply

            I would call the school and ask about aftercare details at Skinner. I believe there might be an option of staying for an extended time at Stanton Park after the SN after care ends. I know some kids go to Stanton park but i don’t know the details. I have never used the aftercare so can’t give you more info unfortunately. And while I agree it’s risky to turn down an offer from SN, I also believe strongly in doing what’s right for your whole family. It’s important to find balance and that might mean putting your kid in a school closer to home or work that will allow you to get him to and from school easier. A child who is in care from 7:30-7:00 every day could be a very tired kindergartener too so that’s something to consider. Don’t get too hung up on the reputation and buzz about a school and think more about the whole fit for your family and lifestyle. Also, would you be eligible for busing based on your distance from school? We use the bus to and from skinner and love it – it’s been a lifesaver for us. If you have the option, you might consider busing and then hire a sitter to pick up your child from the bus stop and be with him until you get home. I know quite a few families who do that. Again, depends on your personal situation and whether or not that’s an option.

    • #6970 Reply

      RGC: 129
      Tier 4
      Not offered Edison or Bell, our only SE choices

    • #6973 Reply

      Would any Bell parents be willing to talk to me about the program? We were offered a spot for our incoming kindergartener and are considering whether to accept or stick with our neighborhood school (Nettelhorst, where older brother goes). Not sure the best way to connect but if you are interested reply to my comment and we can figure it out?

      • #6991 Reply
        Bell Parent

        My daughter goes to Bell (1st grade). She was at Decatur last year. Her teacher (Ms. Kaim) is incredibly awesome! There are about 17 (or 18?) field trips this year. Curriculum is not rigorous enough…but my daughter has learned so much about everything else. Overall, she loves Bell, and I strongly recommend it!

        • #7128 Reply

          Thank you Bell Parent! If you are willing to email about it please feel free to reach out to me at s b v a s c o n c e l l o s ( a t ) g m a i l ( d o t ) c o m . I’ll take down this comment a little later in case it is too late 🙂

    • #6988 Reply

      Applied for K
      Tier 3
      Math, Reading both 95
      RGC 141
      Offered Pritzker, 3rd choice after SN and Bell.

      Debating whether to accept, since it looks like he may be right on the cusp for Bell.

      • #7072 Reply

        I am also thinking of rejecting Pritzker for a shot at a different RGC. Did you tour? I wasn’t impressed with the school as a whole.

    • #7009 Reply

      Does anybody know about Beaubien options program especially fourth grade and above? How about their academics, social, teachers, leadership, and/or differentiation? or any comment?
      we got an offer from Beaubien but I’ve read some concerning stuff from the previous threads (CPSObsessed) and it seemed there were some issues about bullying, suppressing gifted program, and lack of fund.
      Can anyone tell me if these things are still issues at school?
      if anybody ever compared among Beaubien, Coonley, or Bell options programs, would you share your thought?
      Thank you!

      • #7022 Reply

        My daughter got into Beaubien for first grade a few years back. We ended up passing on the spot and she went to a different SEES, but when we toured I was very impressed. I’m an educator and I felt like it was one of the most informative and thoughtful tours I had experienced on my search and I had also been to Bell (wasn’t impressed by the tour but have heard good things from families there), Decatur (was very put off by the principal at the time and did not like the tour overall) and SN (which I loved). I know that they offered a tour for accepted families which is when I went. I would suggest you attend and get a gut feeling. I found the gifted coordinator and principal both to be very impressive and I liked the energy of the school overall. I remember feeling that it was kind of a hidden northside gem that doesn’t get the attention that Bell and Decatur get. The early start time (don’t know if it’s still 7:30) was a huge reason we didn’t send our daughter there, but otherwise I think it was a great option.

    • #7012 Reply

      Tier 4
      Reading 96, Math 95
      Applying for Kindergarten, no offers

      1st choice -Skinner North
      2nd choice – Decatur
      3rd choice – Skinner West

      Does anyone know if a good chance in later rounds with these scores?

      Also, do tiers matter after Round 1?

      Thank you in advance!

      • #7311 Reply

        I found this from CPS Obsessed in 2016, but don’t have any better information for you:

        897. ProudMom | April 18, 2016 at 1:56 pm

        How do I contact SEES to see where child is on wait list and what should I ask? Had 99 reading and 92 math and applied SN and SW for Kindergarten. Thank you for your responses.

        1245. ProudMom | August 23, 2016 at 11:24 pm

        Just got email that son got seat at skinner north for K. Any thoughts on the school? We are always scheduled to start at a private school beginning Monday. Thank you!

        I am not sure how the classical schools weight individual scores vs. composite, but that post seems to offer some small hope.

      • #7312 Reply

        Found some more from last year…

        788. ChicagoMomof3 | May 25, 2017 at 10:44 am

        Kindergarten- reading 99%/ math 83%, no initial classical schools offered, just received an offer from Skinner North yesterday.

        888. SSMom | June 16, 2017 at 1:41 pm

        @887 Thirdtimesacharm
        A friend of mine just got a call from Carnegie, she had NTA, and Lenart for RGC and only got a call just this week for Carnegie. Her daughter scored 125. Last year, another friend said they got a call the 1st day of school for Classical Skinner West tier 4. Her daughters reading was 95 and math 85. So it just depends on the school and ranking.

        920. JR | July 7, 2017 at 9:32 pm

        Got call today for Skinner North

        Tier 4
        96 reading/96 math

        We are accepting!

        my guess is that it is going to be a long summer but there is a good chance you get an offer from one of the three.

    • #7017 Reply

      We just went to the Taft Academic Center open house for accepted rising 7th graders and it felt like 75% of the students were girls in the audience. As a mom to a very shy boy I am starting to get worried. My daughter is an 8th grader at Taft now (and headed to WY for HS) and she made tons of friends but she is not shy at all and – well – she is a girl. Has anyone ever talked about the fact that the girl to boy ratios in these schools might be unbalanced? I’m not sure I mind all that much because I would hate to see them take gender into account as yet another factor in determining acceptance but I just think it’s interesting.

    • #7178 Reply

      considering turning down NTA RGC in favor of STEM Magnet Academy [sibling]. Are we crazy to give up an RGC for a good local Magnet??? Middle child got the RGC – older and younger siblings. Logistics is not easy and RGC would mean long bus rides, and after school it may come to paying a van or a sitter.

      We really like STEM….they do learn a bit ahead of grade level but it’s not specifically a Gifted program

      Anyone have experience with NTA [which is supposedly merging with South Loop soon]? Thoughts?

    • #7187 Reply

      Any Tier 1 Bell or Edison declining their offer for Kindergarten?

    • #7221 Reply

      Anyone out there got offered NTA seat for Grade 1. If so what score did your child get? My kid scored 130 and was not offered a seat in round 1.
      Spoke to the RGC co-ordinator and she said she has 4 spots open for grade 1 of which one of them is filled and potentially there could be 3 spots open for the next round. Does anyone think my kid has a chance?

      • #7227 Reply

        We got offered a K slot, T3 with a 130 score.
        However I don’t think the 1st grade slots do Tiers – it’s by score only so it depends who else did well and who listed NTA on their list. sorry, i know that is not real helpful…good luck! you never know, more spots could open later in summer too.

    • #7248 Reply
      Parent x3

      Wondering if anyone has heard from CPS OAE when round 2 SEES offers will be made? GoCPS website says “Round 1 waitlist process opens” on May 16th…. However, since there are no waitlists per se for SEES schools, I was thinking that date might apply only to lottery (non-selective enrollment) waitlists where an actual waitlist number is listed on the application results page.

      Thanks in advance

    • #7301 Reply

      Tier 4
      RGC: 140
      Applying to Kindergarten Options programs

      Did not receive offers for Bell or Edison, neighborhood school is Coonley.

      go.cps finally back up after being down for “scheduled maintenance.”

      • #7314 Reply
        Parent x3

        Although if you login and click view application results there is a message stating that “results are not yet ready” — so CPS is still working on something on their end. My guess is that everyone is shut out of their application results while CPS works to post Round 2 offers??

    • #7313 Reply

      Accepted 3rd grade spot at Decatur, instead of holding out hope for 1st choice of Edison. New principal seems great. Many positive changes over the last year with regards to social emotional learning, restorative justice and homework policies for the little ones.

    • #7340 Reply

      Did anyone receive a call/email about a supplement application for gifted and SEE Schools that still has spots opened?

      The only schools remaining that has a K spot open are:
      Beasley Regional Gifted Center (Grades K-6 ONLY)

      Bronzeville Classical (Grades K-2 ONLY)

      Carnegie Regional Gifted Center (Grades K-1 ONLY)

      I know nothing about any of them, but Bronzeville is the closest (but still far) and it is so new. Not sure I want to take that risk. Did anyone go to an open house for them by chance and what did you think? I can’t find any open house information for them.

      Thank you,

      • #7457 Reply
        Principal Spicer

        Good afternoon,

        Thank you for expressing your interest in Bronzeville Classical School. I apologize for my delayed response. One of my future parents just recently shared this site with me and told me that there may be some questions posted that I can respond to and help families make the best decision for their children.

        We have an open house event scheduled for tonight (May 17th) at Dyett High School for the Arts located at 551 E. 51st St. from 5PM – 6PM. (Our school building is undergoing an extensive renovation.) With such late notice, I understand that you may be unable to attend. However, I can be reached via email at or by calling 773-535-1166 to answer any questions and to review our open house presentation. I am available most days between 3PM – 5PM to schedule individual or group parent meetings. Feel free to contact me directly. I know you won’t be disappointed.

        Best Regards,
        Nicole Spicer
        Principal Of Bronzeville Classical School

    • #7343 Reply

      Applying for Kindergarten
      RGC Score: 115
      Accepted: Jackson Language Academy

      I’m new to all of this CPS Enrollment and my son will start Kindergarten in the Fall. We’re in the Skinner West neighborhood school boundaries so I’m wondering if his best option is to just go there for the neighborhood component vs applying in the 2nd round for RGCs or going to Jackson Language Academy?

      He’s super creative and competitive so I’m not sure if the RGC or Classical route would be best for his personality. All I know is that I memorized like a champ and was really good at memorizing patterns in school. It did minimal for me once I got to college because I didn’t have a true understanding of the material. I don’t want him to get stuck in this same path.

      Any thoughts/suggestions?

      • #7352 Reply

        Hello “Clueless CPS. . .”

        I’m in a similar situation. I’m a low wait list number for LaSalle Language Academy, my neighborhood school is Ogden, and we were invited to participate in round two for SEE -Gifted. I’m going to pass on the SEE-Gifted as the schools aren’t nearby, and I’d prefer to have him at LaSalle or Ogden.

      • #7458 Reply
        Principal Spicer

        Good afternoon,

        Thank you for expressing your interest in Bronzeville Classical School. I apologize for my delayed response. One of my future parents just recently shared this site with me and told me that there may be some questions posted that I can respond to and help families make the best decision for their children.

        We have an open house event scheduled for tonight (May 17th) at Dyett High School for the Arts located at 551 E. 51st St. from 5PM – 6PM. (Our school building is undergoing an extensive renovation.) With such late notice, I understand that you may be unable to attend. However, I can be reached via email at or by calling 773-535-1166 to answer any questions and to review our open house presentation. I am available most days between 3PM – 5PM to schedule individual or group parent meetings. Feel free to contact me directly. I know you won’t be disappointed.

        Best Regards,
        Nicole Spicer
        Principal Of Bronzeville Classical School

    • #7350 Reply

      I tried to add earlier, but we ended up declining our Tier 4 spot for Bell. Hope that someone gets it who wants it!

    • #7359 Reply

      Received an email from CPS like many other parents that our son’s scores qualified him to apply for openings at Classical schools [Reading 99, Math 97]. He’s starting 1st grade in the fall. According to the supplemental application they sent, the only 1st grade classical slots are at Bronzeville Classical and Sor Juana (Formerly Southwest) Classical. Does anyone have any information on those schools? Thanks

      • #7361 Reply
        Bronzeville Dad

        We are sending our second grader (98m/90r) to Bronzeville. The curriculum is identical to the Skinner classical schools, the principal was the AP at Skinner North, and the new facilities look great. Yes, a brand new school is a risk, but the program looks really impressive.

    • #7364 Reply

      Do higher scores automatically get offers or do rankings matter? For example, would a student who ranked a school first who received a 99/97 get an offer before a student who received 99/98 but ranked lower than first?

      • #7369 Reply
        Parent x3

        Higher score gets the spot…

    • #7396 Reply

      Hi everybody, I’m trying to find confirm this assumption. My son got 123 for the Regional Gifted, but for Classical Programs he is below the 75th percentile. I got an email saying that there are still available seats for other schools and I can try applying for the ones on the grade we are going and program. Would you agree Bronzeville is out for us, as it is a Classical Program?


      • #8428 Reply

        I went to Bronzeville open house, you have to meet the minimum 75% to be considered for classical. you might get a chance in rgc though. Good luck!

    • #7485 Reply

      Classical Schools
      Classical Reading Score: 94
      Classical Math Score: 46
      Regional Gifted Centers/Academic Centers/International Gifted Program Your child’s score: 108

      How is Disney or Mayer?
      Non-Selective Elementary School
      Application Status Category Waitlist #

    • #8052 Reply

      How is Skinner North’s 7th & 8th grade? Are they very strong in Math?

      • #8082 Reply

        I have no unique insight into Skinner North since I have no affiliation, but they do very well as measured by testing:

        100% 8th graders pass the algebra exam [Illinois Report Card]

        The average 7th or 8th grade math performance on the NWEA MAP is at the 99.9th percentile. CPS NWEA Map school data

        I would expect so though, given that they are highly regarded among SEES schools that already are selecting from the top percentiles.

        Their website says:

        Skinner North uses the Everyday Math Curriculum (grade 4), Connected Math (grades 5, 6, &7), as well as an Algebra program (grade 8), which emphasizes the application and discussion of mathematics in real world situations. The teachers instruct students using a workshop model approach.

    • #8299 Reply

      Has anyone received any offers from Skinner North or Decatur recently? Please post your grade, tier, and score.

      • #8339 Reply

        SN is a nice classical school with high cut off scores, meaning that kids are smart and well prepared in general from the start. Like other selective schools, SN teaches one year ahead core curriculum but other than that, nothing is special. Math level is not necessarily high compared to the other classical and gifted schools. The school is actually struggling with the fall of Math NWEA scores (especially fifth grade) and the lack of leadership lately. If your child is advanced in Math, research about Edison or Coonley.

        • #8370 Reply

          Received Decatur K offer. Tier 4 (Reading 98, Math – 87)

    • #8308 Reply
      Skinner North

      Have any families received offers for Skinner North (3rd grade)?

      • #9100 Reply
        Now in Chicago

        We just got an offer to Skinner North for third grade (99M, 99R). Have until tomorrow to decide. Did you wind up accepting your offer?


    • #8309 Reply

      Curious whatever happened to those many who posted on cpsobsessed through the years that it even made me tired reading through them all especially the first month after the results came in. Please come back … we need your intellectual discussions and your scores too to those who are still waiting and hoping for next and next and next round….thank you 😊

    • #8316 Reply
      Kemper Florin

      Hi All,

      We are moving to Chicago this summer!! We were Offered a spot in the gifted program at Coonley for 2nd grade. Neighborhood school is Oscar Mayer. Anyone have insights about either programs??


      Transplants from Cincinnati.

    • #8427 Reply

      tier 3, RGC 125, reading 99, math 94. offered Keller RGC. Anythoughts about Keller?

    • #8520 Reply

      Received a robocall and email regarding second round for ACs. But, it didn’t have an application attached or list schools. Has anyone else heard about second round at Academic Centers?

      • #8551 Reply
        Nameless mom

        No AC app this year, but I can tell you it won’t be Taft, LT or WY with any of those open spots, and probably not Kenwood, either.
        If those are the schools you were looking at, I wouldn’t spend energy following up.

      • #8552 Reply

        The only AC openings are at Morgan Park for seventh grade only. It’s listed on the supplemental application that went out. There will be no second rounds for any other AC, and they’re really never are.

    • #8557 Reply

      Thanks, Castlehillmom and Namelessmom–decided to stay with private school through 8th and then will try for SEHS, and also will consider other private school options for HS. The only AC option left was MP, and the elementary schools were Skinner North and West. My daughter is at an arts school now and is happy; I’m looking seriously at Chicago Academy for the Arts for high school.

    • #8572 Reply

      applied to 7th grade at Whitney Young
      Tier 2
      AC score – 132
      NWEA Reading and Math – 99%
      total score – 846


      My question for current WYAC parents, who are the popular teachers for 7th grade and who are the least favorite teachers?

    • #8682 Reply

      Has anyone received a second round call for elementary classical school or regional gifted center?

    • #8756 Reply

      Today, proposed plans were released to build annexes at McDade, Poe, and Decatur Classical schools. I think Decatur is also getting an updated playlot, and all 3 are getting updating parking. Hopefully there will be word soon on when construction will actually begin.

      • #8757 Reply

        One other thing. The annexes are being built with the intent to add 7th and 8th grade at all 3 schools.

    • #9077 Reply
      Uptown Mama

      Just got an offer for Pritzker RGC 3rd grade, which we’ll be turning down. (Big sis also applied and CPS OAE was completely unwilling to give us any sense as to what her chances were. Actually more like completely confused – telling me that she’d need a supplemental application even though she’d already applied and had a qualifying score . I get not being willing to share that data, but not communicating the process clearly is a problem.) RGC 122. Also turned down Skinner North 99M/99R a couple of weeks ago, also for 3rd. So the lists are still moving.

    • #9101 Reply
      Now in Chicago

      Just got a call today from Skinner North for third grade (99M, 99R). Want to accept but it’s a tough one. Our kid is very happy at her neighborhood school (Skinner West). Anything special about Skinner North from a third grader’s perspective? Could really use some help selling her on this.

      • #9104 Reply

        @ Now in Chicago

        If I have to compare between Skinner West Neighborhood & Skinner North, there’s no doubt I’d go for SN. SN is a much more smaller school and their classical students receive all the resources. For SW Neighborhood, the students don’t really get language class, gym is once/week, and their program is very different from the classical program. Plus, school is overcrowded and most of their neighborhood classroom has 35+ students.  Your child is a bright student and she will shine no matter where she goes. Good luck!

        • #9108 Reply
          Now in Chicago

          @KCK Participamt, thanks very much for your insights and the kind words!

    • #9102 Reply
      Skinner North

      If your child is happy, I would let them stay where they are.

    • #9103 Reply

      @ Now in Chicago

      Did OAE call you at 5am in the morning?

    • #9105 Reply
      Now in Chicago

      @?, Ha, no, they called the previous evening. I drafted the post here but didn’t hit send till 5 am the next day:).

      @Skinner North, she is happy but frequently bored at her current school. She has earned her place at SN and so it seems like this is worth trying out. If she hates SN or is unhappy she can always go back to our neighborhood school.

    • #9622 Reply

      Question, for those who have gotten offers to selective enrollment programs in later rounds, who calls with the offer is it the school or the office of access and enrollment?

    • #9693 Reply

      Hello, does anyone know when the OAE starts considering not the tiers but looking at only scores regardless tiers? Is it after the first and second rounds?  Starting the 3rd rounds, they only look at their highest scores regardless tiers???  Still confused…

      Many thanks in advance.

    • #10978 Reply


      Where does it say Morgan Park on excepts 7th graders? And no other rounds?

    • #11381 Reply

      Do you still feel you made a right decision declining Bell offer in favor of local school? Was Bell offer for options or regular class? We are in a same boat and have to decide quickly. We would appreciate your opinion after last year

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