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    My kid just took the SEHS exam this weekend:

    Total 3.5 hours

    4 sections:

    1) Reading Comprehension – 40 question (40 minutes): 6 passages with a mix of persuasive, informative, narrative and descriptive

    2) Language Arts – 54 questions (40 minutes): standard middle school stuff

    3) Math – 40 questions (40 minutes): mostly algebra 1, mixed with a little geometry and some basic algebra 2

    4) Vocab – 40 questions (15 minutes): finding most similar meaning word of a term that was used in a sentence for context.

    NO experimental section. Used fill-in bubble sheets. Can not go back to finish previous sections. They will mark unanswered question to prevent this.

    Hope this helps anyone interested

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    CPS or Bust

    Hi HopefulDave,

    What was the more difficult concepts for math, if you care to share? thanks.

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    CPS or Bust

    Also, what is this “experimental section?”

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    I was on the GoCps website, and it says that results will be released on March 30th, but in the email I received it says that it will be announced on the 29th sometime between 5 and 11:59 pm, what should I believe?

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      I see the confusion there.

      The pop up message says March 29th. I would believe that they would release this info on Friday the 29th, not on Sat.

      About a week away now!

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