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      My kid just took the SEHS exam this weekend:

      Total 3.5 hours

      4 sections:

      1) Reading Comprehension – 40 question (40 minutes): 6 passages with a mix of persuasive, informative, narrative and descriptive

      2) Language Arts – 54 questions (40 minutes): standard middle school stuff

      3) Math – 40 questions (40 minutes): mostly algebra 1, mixed with a little geometry and some basic algebra 2

      4) Vocab – 40 questions (15 minutes): finding most similar meaning word of a term that was used in a sentence for context.

      NO experimental section. Used fill-in bubble sheets. Can not go back to finish previous sections. They will mark unanswered question to prevent this.

      Hope this helps anyone interested

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      CPS or Bust

      Hi HopefulDave,

      What was the more difficult concepts for math, if you care to share? thanks.

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      CPS or Bust

      Also, what is this “experimental section?”

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      I was on the GoCps website, and it says that results will be released on March 30th, but in the email I received it says that it will be announced on the 29th sometime between 5 and 11:59 pm, what should I believe?

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        I see the confusion there.

        The pop up message says March 29th. I would believe that they would release this info on Friday the 29th, not on Sat.

        About a week away now!

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      Cps student

      Does anyone have any tip or knows a text book that they studied from for the exam

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      How do you register for SEHS exam? I don’t see it as an option the application where grades and NWEA MAP scores are listed.

      Thank you.

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      I believe you had to finish the application and then register.  We can’t finish the application because we’re still not sure about ranking the programs so we’ll wait until we do the open houses.

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        Cps student

        If you don’t finish your application quickly you would find a good date to take the test

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      You can change your ranking until Dec 6th!

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      How can I gauge how well my daughter might do on this test? She got her MAP results ….  Are the scores similar or higher in most students, statistically?

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        You can re-rank your school choices until Feb 3! (Possibly Feb 10 now).

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      Also, another question.  How much spelling is on the test?  My daughter has a real spelling issue.  And is any of the test written in or all multiple choice?   Thanks!!


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      that’s 2hrs 25 mins in total , so what is the rest of the time used for as exam 3.5 hours long ?

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      How do students study for the SEHS entrance exam? I’m looking for textbooks that have similar questions/subjects.

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