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      We accepted a kindergarten skinner west classical offer.  Any ideas for a timeline when we should hear from them regarding parent information/forms for new students?    The magnet we were offered had already emailed us – we declined Galileo.

      Also any feedback or advice for a new family at skinner west is appreciated!  We are considering utilizing an AM bus for our 5 year old – but seems a little daunting not knowing what happens at the other end when they arrive at school.

      Ty everyone for your time!

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      Chicago Born

      Last year I  know from another family,  Skinner West was late with contacting new students. Good luck

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        Ty!   That’s a bit what I was thinking would happen. 🙂   I appreciate confirmation.  Good luck to you too!

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      Got an offer at SW for 7th grade classical any feedback? Also what’s the earliest one can drop off at the school?

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        We asked this question too for kindergarten drop time.  We were told due to covid this year the drop times were assigned – kindergarten was 8:45am.   Not sure about others.   That said – they told us usually is 8AM at the earliest for all grades.   But they do not know yet for Fall what covid protocols will be in place.

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          Thanks, just frustrating for working parents. We are just trying to figure out timing.

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            We are considering utilizing a cps bus, in case they do not have the 8am drop for everyone in Fall.  You have to be within a certain range 1.5 to 6?/8? Miles from skinner.   From what I read online – it seems it works well after the first 1-2 weeks – something about getting the route established.  The deadline per cps website to apply for a bus is June 20 – if you want a stop for the first day.  And it seems you can decline service at any time and you can arrange for before or after school or both.

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      Mm mom

      We accepted skinner classical as well! It is kind of nuts how little information is out there. Any feedback on experiences, teachers, curriculum would be appreciated 🙂

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        Awesome! Congrats!  I know it was a relief for us (in some ways) to see the offer from Skinner.  I get the feeling we will be waiting awhile for more information directly from them – although some other posters on here seem to be in the same boat (Decatur families).  🙂

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      Aparajita Das

      Looking for more info on skinner west kindergarten classical program. I am still debating if want to accept the offer.

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      Skinner mom

      I have been a Skinner mom for many years. Happy to answer any questions. I believe registration is open on their website.

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        Skinnermom – Do you happen to know anything regarding start and end times for 2021?   I know the classical kindergarten for last year had assigned start at 8:45am due to covid.   The website still states early drop at 8am.  Ty!!

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      Has there been any communication from SW for those who accepted? I haven’t received anything.

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      We also excepted offer to Skinner West Classical (Kindergarten) and haven’t received anything from them yet. I’ve heard many great things about SW, but one downside would be how late they send out information/announcements throughout the year. I’ll let you know when I hear from them.

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      We haven’t heard anything but did register through the link on the skinner website as recommended by Skinner Mom.  🙂

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      Maryan Mohamed

      Hi all,

      Apologies if this question has been asked in other forums but i’m so lost and wondering if someone can help me?

      I have a 3 year old turning 4 April 27th. I am on a waitlist for skinner preschool but not in the skinner zone (we literally are a block out of the cut off).

      Does she have to test for preschool if a spot opens up?

      How much prep did you guys do for K testing? I have no idea how to prep her for this test simply because I don’t know what they test.

      Thanks in advance.


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        I have not heard of testing for admission into prek. As to prepping for k, I am not sure that anyone knows what is on the test. We were not sure we were going to apply to sees. We did not decide to do so until about 3 months before the test, so there was no prep, but my child still got into our number 1 choice (Bronzeville). Since the test has no bubbling in, I do not know how one could even prep their child for the test. We always had a routine at night where we would practice our numbers and letters, but we made it a fun game. We based it off of what our child was already comfortable with and what I thought we could teach in small bites. Since our child was starting to read, we focused on teaching phonics and working on patterns and addition and subtraction.

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        No, you won’t need to test for Skinner preK. Skinner as a whole school is not SEES, they just have one class per grade starting in K.

        So preK is just a regular program.


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      Skinner can be disorganized.  We are a current family and have been told nothing about start time yet.  They did confirm aftercare will be offered.  There is no before-care.  Last year was a staggered start for Covid concerns and my child had a 9am drop off time but other grades were earlier or later.  Not sure this year….Agree bus is a good earlier option.

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        Ty!  It does seem a little scattered and delayed.  I’m accepting it and trying to stay flexible – trust that the education will shine in the end.  We did sign up for the Star after school care. I am planning to call tomorrow to try and follow up on the bus as we sent the white form to someone at Skinner way back in June.   🙂

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      does anyone know if there are going to be 2 classical classes for 6th grade?

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