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      We accepted a kindergarten skinner west classical offer.  Any ideas for a timeline when we should hear from them regarding parent information/forms for new students?    The magnet we were offered had already emailed us – we declined Galileo.

      Also any feedback or advice for a new family at skinner west is appreciated!  We are considering utilizing an AM bus for our 5 year old – but seems a little daunting not knowing what happens at the other end when they arrive at school.

      Ty everyone for your time!

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      Chicago Born

      Last year I  know from another family,  Skinner West was late with contacting new students. Good luck

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        Ty!   That’s a bit what I was thinking would happen. 🙂   I appreciate confirmation.  Good luck to you too!

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      Got an offer at SW for 7th grade classical any feedback? Also what’s the earliest one can drop off at the school?

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        We asked this question too for kindergarten drop time.  We were told due to covid this year the drop times were assigned – kindergarten was 8:45am.   Not sure about others.   That said – they told us usually is 8AM at the earliest for all grades.   But they do not know yet for Fall what covid protocols will be in place.

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          Thanks, just frustrating for working parents. We are just trying to figure out timing.

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            We are considering utilizing a cps bus, in case they do not have the 8am drop for everyone in Fall.  You have to be within a certain range 1.5 to 6?/8? Miles from skinner.   From what I read online – it seems it works well after the first 1-2 weeks – something about getting the route established.  The deadline per cps website to apply for a bus is June 20 – if you want a stop for the first day.  And it seems you can decline service at any time and you can arrange for before or after school or both.

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      Mm mom

      We accepted skinner classical as well! It is kind of nuts how little information is out there. Any feedback on experiences, teachers, curriculum would be appreciated 🙂

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        Awesome! Congrats!  I know it was a relief for us (in some ways) to see the offer from Skinner.  I get the feeling we will be waiting awhile for more information directly from them – although some other posters on here seem to be in the same boat (Decatur families).  🙂

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      Aparajita Das

      Looking for more info on skinner west kindergarten classical program. I am still debating if want to accept the offer.

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      Skinner mom

      I have been a Skinner mom for many years. Happy to answer any questions. I believe registration is open on their website.

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      Has there been any communication from SW for those who accepted? I haven’t received anything.

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