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      hey there!

      no offers from any of our schools unfortunately.. anyone know how the waitlist works?? we’re hopeful for our chances with stone, but not sure how the tiers work!!? any thoughts???

      solomon waitlist #93

      stone (tier 2) waitlist #1

      ravenswood waitlist #494

      rogers waitlist #32

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      Sorry, tried to copy and paste from my excel spreadsheet and that didn’t work out.

      Take #2:

      Prescott 86
      Mayer 83
      Bell 187
      Blaine 70
      Drummond 171
      Lincoln 70
      LaSalle 197
      Burr 3
      Burley 17
      Coonley 146
      Hamilton 83
      Hawthorne 246
      Inter-American 74
      Skinner 83

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      Any PK families here?

      We got an offer at Suder Montessori.

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      Congrats! Pre-k 3 here. We are #7, tier 4 waitlist at Suder and #183 proximity at Drummond.
      Have you heard much about Suder? I didn’t tour before all this craziness and don’t know much about Suder other than it’s a Montessori school.

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      We got an offer from Suder too. Would love to hear from parents with any Suder experience.

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      Sorry forgot to mention- for pre-k

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      Nicole F.

      We have 5 year old twins going to Kindergarten:

      We got an offer at Talcott, definitely accepting it until we get an offer from any of the ones below. Our dream school is STEM but I’m not sure if there are 19 people around our area that will decline such an awesome school. What are the chances for these waitlists?

      Waitlisted on the following:

      1. Suder #2 and 3

      2. Mitchell #7 and 8

      3. Galileo #11 and 12

      4. STEM #20/21 Proximity

      5. LaSalle #20/21

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      Nicole F.

      We toured Suder, it is very impressive. It is a Montessori so if this is something you like go for it! We are #2 on the waitlist!

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      Thanks! Hope you get in your choice of school👍

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      My daughter got offered RGC at Pritzker. How is Pritzker RGC ? Currently, she is STEM (lottery) and we are happy! If I accept the Pritzker then current school STEM admit will be cancelled? Please suggest us

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      Alright, any insight would be extremely helpful! We’re looking at 1st grade:

      Offer at Suder (accepted, though we’re staying on a few waitlists).

      Galileo – 27

      Mitchell – 18

      Sheridan – 23

      Healy – 58

      I didn’t list anything that was 100+. A few questions, if anyone knows: do Galileo or Sheridan’s waitlists typically move a lot? Also, we accepted Suder because we love the idea of a Montessori program, but I couldn’t help but notice the abysmal scores and rankings it receives (greatschools, schooldigger, etc.). Does anyone know why this is? Is this actually a reflection of the quality of the education at the school?

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      Does anyone have any thoughts or insights into Jackson Language Academy? We received an offer and accepted, although we are on several waitlists. (For you folks waiting on Suder, we just declined our Round 1 Suder offer, so at least one spot has opened up!)

      #2 on waitlist for STEM, which we’re interested in as well. Wondering how likely it is that we’ll be offered a spot… We’re on the “Tier 3” waitlist specifically.

      This is for kindergarten, although our hope is to leave our daughter (and eventually her younger brother) at whichever school we choose K-8. Don’t want to have to do this all over again!

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      @momof2rp The waitlists for magnets move per tier, so if anyone from Tier 2 who was offered a spot at Stone doesn’t accept, then your child will be offered that spot.

      @NicoleF & @TAF To get a ballpark idea how much the waitlists move, I found Jennifer’s post #9986 from last year helpful: https://chicagoschooloptions.com/forums/topic/spring-2019-es-lottery-results/#post-9986. That said, it doesn’t include the specific schools you both listed, so may not be of much help to you.

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      We were on the Tier 3 waitlist for STEM last year and it moved quite a bit, although not enough to get us a spot. #3 sounds very promising, Luckily you can accepte Jackson and still stay on the witlist for STEM. I would think you will get a call about STEM in the next month or so.

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      Hi there.
      We are on the waitlist for all schools applied for K. Most curious about:

      Pritzker – 14

      STEM – 18, Tier 3

      Disney 2 – 38, Proximity

      McPherson – 52

      Does anyone know about movement for any of these? Positive or negative thoughts? Thanks!

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      For information purposes to help those waiting for Round 2 offers to Kindergarten.  We are Tier 4

      SEES – Poe Classical offered and we will accept

      Galileo – offered but we will decline

      Jackson A – 5

      Mount Greenwood – 8

      Turner-Drew – 1

      STEM Magnet – 35

      Lasalle II – 24   (wailist #24 must not be that high as we also received an email from the school about their virtual open house next week.  They stated we had a low waitlist number and to be keep an eye on our Go CPS account beginning May 29th so that may be date schools start pulling from waitlist)

      For humor I will note our child’s high waitlist numbers

      Skinner West – 790

      South Loop – 391

      Best wishes everyone !



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      See above. So we will be removed from the waitlists and this will open up for others.

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      Tier 2, got 3 offers: Disney II, Newberry, and Galileo. On the waitlist as bellow:

      Jackson (11, Proximity)

      Stem (51, Proximity)

      Lasalle (87, Tier 2)

      Lasalle II (1, Tier 1)

      Will likely accept Galileo as that is by us and works best logistically. Hoping on Jackson, but not sure.

      South Loop (50, General)

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      Going into k, sorry

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      thank you for clarifying!!!

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      We are new to Chicago and the school system is a little overwhelming. We are Tier 4, got one offer at Agassiz and got waitlisted in a few others that we prefer based on proximity and reviews etc.

      Franklin -53

      LaSalle -60

      Pulaski – 18

      Newberry – 18

      Alcott – 78

      our neighborhood school is Ogden which we have heard mixed reviews about. Any experience or thoughts on any of the schools ? Including Ogden or Agassiz ?
      Also suggestions on how to handle round 2?
      thank you in advance !!


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      sorry – This is for kindergarten

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      UKVillage Mom

      For K, tier 4, we received offers from Bronzeville Classical and Suder.

      Does anyone have any information to share about Bronzeville?

      Waitlist #s are as follows:

      Burr – 5

      Lincoln – 38

      Hawthorne – 39

      Jackson – 109

      Mitchell – 120

      We really, really wanted to get into Mitchell.  Is it still possible?

      Is Lincoln possible?

      Also, for PK-3, we were accepted to Suder and are waitlisted #8 for Drummond.  Any hope on that front?

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        I would say that the chance for Drummond is low. Two years ago when we were applying for PK-3, we were waitlisted #4 for Tier 4 at Drummond and had high hopes. That waitlist moved up only one spot all summer; we remained at #3 throughout with no offer.

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      UKVillage Mom

      Thanks for the info, LakeviewMom.  That helps set expectations and planning in case we decide to send the kindergartner to a different school.

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      UKVillage Mom

      We also got a PK-3 offer from Suder.

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      You will probably get a call from McPherson at some point but it may be further into the summer. People move around a lot. My son is currently in kindergarten at McPherson and he loves his teacher. I am happy with her as well. The principal tries to keep the class sizes small. His kindergarten class has 18 kids.

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      This was for IP mom. Not sure why it didn’t reply to her post.

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      For K, we received

      Waters – 21

      Bateman – 14

      Brentano – 67

      I assume we will get a Bateman offer at some point. Any chance at all on Waters? We’re really hoping for that. Anyone know if they’ll have more spots / movement this year because of the addition? Seems like Brentano’s wait list didn’t move much last year so I assume that’s out of reach.

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      Uptown mom

      For K we got these the lowest the rest schools 100 and more

      Stone   Tire 4. – 12

      Waters   – 28

      Rodgers 63

      Ravenswood – 60

      Any chances we may get in, even in winter?

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      Disney now has a new principal, so there probably will be some changes, but with the old one, a child could get kicked out of the gifted program mid year based on the NWEA test scores even in Kindergarten.

      In SEES, once you are in, you are in.

      Also regarding wait list movements, 2 years ago, we were 58 tier 4 and got an offer in August which we declined. I imagine it is about the same each year.


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      Mu daughter was 30 at Stone 4 years ago and got offer mid June. I think you have a good chance there.

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      Bridgeport Dad

      Our experience last year with Sheridan, and almost all the Bridgeport elementary schools, was hardly any movement.  We started at 117 on Sheridan’s list last year and didn’t move up at all until after the school year started.  The exception was J Ward, where we moved from 98 to 2 over the course of the summer and got an offer.

      Hopefully you have better luck than we had last year.

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      Kennedy’s Mom

      Anyone familiar with the movement at LaSalle II and overall the school? Currently waitlist number #8 for 3rd Grade. Received email from principal regarding open house and meeting 3rd grade teachers virtually due to low number. Also, principal made mention May 29th the list moves. Currently at Disney I and looking to leave. Lasalle II appear to have a great school community and also appear to be pretty good academically as well. Any inside info on them would be greatly appreciated.

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      Anyone just finish kindergarten at Lasalle Language Academy or National Teachers Academy’s gifted program? Looking for some insight. Thank you!

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      Hi, do you know if the list exist somewhere how many students were accepted each school in magnet cluster and open enrollment schools. I am trying to get to it. Do you know how to request it? I have learned that some schools in those categories did not accept students in years… like 10 years so I could not understand why those schools would be part of lotteries. I find that practice deceiving.

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      Anyone know when (and how often) they will start to update the waitlist positions on GoCPS?

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        According to https://go.cps.edu/ the Round 1 Waitlist Process for elementary schools will open on May 29th.

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      UKVillage Mom

      We just declined our offer for Suder Montessori for Kindergarten, so those of you on the waitlist will move up!

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      Melody Russ

      We are tier 1 wait list number 7 for Drummond Pre-K. Does anybody have any stories that might give us hope? Thanks

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      Does anyone know if/when the waitlist numbers get updated? I checked gocps and mine are the same as before.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>just checked ours, too.. it looks like it hasn’t been updated for us yet! waiting anxiously!</p>

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      My daughter is #5 General on the Coonley kindergarten waitlist.  My sense is that they do not draw any non-siblings from the list, but does anyone know?

      My waitlist numbers didn’t move today either.

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      We accepted first round offer from Edison but just got an e-mail offer from McPherson magnet. I am guessing this is round 2? We were number 25 on the waitlist and in tier 4.

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      We accepted 1st round offer to Poe Classical and declined Galileo Magnet.   However Galileo still called us this week saying they were happy to hear we accepted.   Immediately told them we did not accept Galileo in a polite way and they appreciated it and apologized for the confusion.  Called OAE and Poe and both have our child confirmed at Poe Classical for Kindergarten.

      I checked our other magnet Choice wait list and we have not moved.  Maybe there was a mix up this week as I was definitely surprised to have two schools believing we accepted both when that is not possible.  In the go.cps site if you accept your SEES and it automatically declines any Choice offers.

      Good luck all… maybe the no movement for many on the wait lists means OAE is still managing the offers and accepts/declines.

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      No movement on any of our 17 waitlists today. Sounds like we are not alone. Sigh.

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      Anxious Esteban

      First time parent here for the entire process, our child will be going into kindergarten— we were waitlisted on all our schools— however last week we rec’d an email about round 2 and how to register… just to clarify as the messaging is really confusing— we didn’t need to enter ourselves into a round 2 did we? After doing as much reading as we could, we decided on no action.

      However since as of today (5/30) our waitlist numbers are unchanged, we’re getting this sinking feeling that we screwed up… or should we just be patient? Two of our schools, our child is 20 or lower on waitlist.

      Somebody talk us off the ledge that we didn’t drop the ball– to clarify, we did register for round 1. Thanks

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      Didn’t drop it

      You are ok. Numbers didn’t change for anyone yet in the system.

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