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      My son got offered today and we need to take a decision. He currently goes to Skinner West Neighborhood program. Any information about the school would be helpful.

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      Sorry this reply is obviously too late to help the original poster but for future reference: I have had kids in both schools.  They are very comparable academically and both are good schools.  For K-5, STEM is a bit better in Computer Science, Science and Math.  But Skinner is strong academically all around.  STEM is capped at 28 kids per class and is a smaller school community.  It is more diverse, pulling kids from many neighborhoods.  Skinner has more opportunities in grades 7-8 than STEM – at STEM many kids leave for the Academic Centers so the jr high program is small, and does not have as many offerings as Skinner.   Skinner’s school culture is a bit more casual than STEM in terms of classroom / hallway discpline and also STEM has uniforms.  I don’t think you’d go wrong with either program.

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