Will be a delay in sending offers on March 27?

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      Hello Parents. We are in this awful situation cuz of virus, things get cancelled and closed for weeks. I am thinking that CPS will get close eventually to. Could that potentially delay sending results of entrance exam and offers to selective high schools on March 27 ? Or you feel very confident that we will receive offers that day?
      This waiting for results and offers is so excruciating !
      We do not even know if we have a chance for any of selective high school because our child took the entrance exam in January and we do not know how she did on that exam.


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      New to CPS

      I’m wondering the same.  I fear it will be postponed.

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      You can try calling OAE. I am sure there will be some announcement.


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      Response from CPS:

      As of today’s date, ninth grade results will be released on March 27th.
      Karen Burroughs Hannsberry
      Communications Manager, Office of Access and Enrollment

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      Ignoring the mess above, per an email inquiry, the office said as of today the results will be released on 3/27. Time will tell.

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      I spoke to someone today who said the office of OAD is open.  It is separate.  They are prepared to release the results as planned.  At this point who cares.   Crazy times,

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      NewToCPS, you are right. Situation changed dramatically since I placed my post. So if they release results as they originally planned, I will be very grateful. Everyone lives in a total limbo now with work,school,etc. Of course other things are more important then getting offers from CPS but if we get results, we will get one stress out of our shoulders. More then ever, we want to get some answers, meet deadline ,etc. We do not know how long this horrible virus will last 😢.

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      Right, so much has changed since applications were due.  I am not sure dd would have put her first choice first given the commute now with this virus which will impact fall also I’m told.

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      I honestly think results will come out as scheduled.  The admission determinations are automated and, as the earlier post noted, OAE is busy at work.

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      Now with the Stay at Home Order…From  CPS: We also recognize that there remain issues to resolve such as grade promotions, ADMISSIONS TO SELECTIVE SCHOOLS,….


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      I hope by adnissions issues they mean cancellation of NWEA in Spring for current 7th graders, not the upcoming notofocations for current 8th graders?


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      Did not proofread before submitting, sorry for all the fat finger typos


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      The results will be posted tomorrow!!!



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      The person above is correct, CPS sent an email today! Results will be posted between 5 and 11:59 PM!

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      My daughter is counting down the hours. Can’t wait until this process is behind us!
      I wonder if (hope) most results will be posted nearer to 5pm rather than midnight.

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      Last year they were realized around 5. In years prior they were a couple of hours early.

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      when are academic center results going to be released?

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        Academic Center notifications will come with the elementary schools, which is on April 24, most likely after 5pm.  A long wait!

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      Please feel free to post high school results here: https://chicagoschooloptions.com/forums/topic/spring-2020-cps-hs-offers/

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