2019-2020 Chicago Early Learning Preschool Applications Now Open

Families with 3 or 4 year olds by Sept. 1 can apply now for sliding scale tuition full or half day preschool programs in Chicago. Choose up to 2 program sites and find out by June if you were placed in one or on a waitlist.

Three steps to apply: 1. Create on online account; 2. Fill in family info including address, household size, employment & income; 3. Fill out info on your child and choose your top 2 program sites.


Some sites are based in CPS schools but unless it is your assigned neighborhood school, there is no guarantee that you can continue at that school for kindergarten. It is a great way to get to know a school, however, to see if you would like to put it on your application or attend it if it is your neighborhood school.

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4 thoughts on “2019-2020 Chicago Early Learning Preschool Applications Now Open”

  1. Is there a way to find out sooner than later if my child was accepted into the school I requested? I chose the option to have the information mailed but now wish I had put down to be notified via email instead. My child is also coming into CPS via Early Intervention.

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