GoCPS K-9th Grade Notification Dates for 2023-2024

From a recent cps.edu newsletter: Release Dates Announced for GoCPS Offers 

GoCPS is now in the final stages of preparing offers for the 2023–24 school year. High school offers will be released on Friday, March 24, 2023 after 5 p.m., and elementary school offers will be released on Friday, April 21, 2023 after 5 p.m. Families who have completed an application should log into their GoCPS accounts to make sure that all information is correct. For questions, please call (773) 553-2060 or email gocps@cps.edu.

GoCPS Deadline for Fall 2023 Extended to 12/8/22 @ 5pm

The GoCPS Kindergarten through 9th grade application portal for 2023-2024 has been extended to Thursday, December 8th at 5pm. https://www.cps.edu/gocps/

A Reality Check on School Rankings

A parent’s school search typically starts by sitting down at the computer and typing in “Best Elementary/High Schools” in your area. The results are populated with hits from sources such as GreatSchools, Niche, Schooldigger or School Sparrow, but what do these results mean, and should parents just add the #1 school to their list while ignoring the other schools closer or more familiar to them? How reliable are the ratings and how should a parent use them?

The fact of the matter is that school ratings and rankings are a very messy, very inexact method to quantify schools. Because they are summarized in a “number” or “grade” or listed in a “ranking order”, parents tend to put undue emphasis on ratings/rankings yet aren’t aware of what is being measured. While test scores are typically the largest component to rankings, “School Fit” is much more than test performance and is ultimately a very personal matter that can even vary within a family from child to child. What truly qualifies as “best” for one family may not be well suited to another. While it is understandable that parents need some metric to start with, the metrics used can be skewed, out of date, or not reflective of the cohort your family will be entering the school with. 

Common misunderstandings of rankings:

  • Ratings typically put the greatest emphasis on test scores, so better resourced families often have higher test scores and those family resources continue to benefit their children throughout their education
  • Ratings/rankings are not set in stone and can change as demographics in a school changes
  • Ratings typically reflect 3rd to 8th grade, so younger families should be wary of looking at metrics that may include a very different demographic than the one their family will be in school with
  • Ratings often lump in all programs within a school, so those with a higher population of students with learning needs may still be a great or even better option for your student but the “rankings” may not reflect the level of supports
  • Schools can and do change and schools in gentrifying areas may have more resources added to the school by the time your family will be attending

Using rankings and ratings to be the first or only metric in choosing a school can also serve to negatively suppress positive changes at a school. Instead, we highly recommend that families tour their local school or those near them as well as talk to families with children their age who may have older siblings at the school. Reaching out to a school’s parent group or attending local school council (LSC) meetings is also a great way to get the “real time” scoop on a school. 

It is somewhat pre-ordaining to use rankings to choose a school because if test scores are a big factor in ratings/rankings, then children who have advantages and resources from birth are certainly going to test better overall and the schools near them will reap the benefits of well resourced students and parents. While new parents may be more swayed by rankings, eventually parents come to realize that academics alone are not a single trait to look for in a school and social emotional factors as well as culture, climate and community are just as impactful yet are hard to capture in objective metrics because they are inherently more subjective. School visits can be invaluable to dispel pre-conceptions or help a family picture themselves in a school, but people gravitate toward or crave the easier route of following rankings.

Parents who blindly follow blanket rankings/ratings may well pass up a school their student could grow and thrive at in favor of one that a 3rd party metric says is 10 spots “above” the other school yet that family needs to drive across town to attend. In the end there may not be any marked difference in outcome for their particular child attending one or the other, but the lifestyle impact is can be much greater at the farther school. One school’s overall scores may be lower because it serves a broader range of backgrounds or has more special needs students, but that doesn’t mean your child’s success can happen only from one and not the other. What your child can achieve and what they score on an exam does NOT have to be the “average” number. Ultimately, the greatest arbiter of student success is parent involvement in their children’s lives beyond one school over another school, public or private, city or suburbs.

Article from https://www.npnparents.org/articles/a-reality-check-on-school-rankings-r410/

CPS Application Dates for Fall 2023 Set For 9/14/22 – 12/2/22

CPS Announced that GoCPS will be accepting applications for Fall 2023 entry from Wed, Sept 14th to Fri, Dec 2nd. From https://www.cps.edu/GoCPS

Elementary School (K-8th grade programs including Suder & Drummond 3 & 4 year old programs) https://www.cps.edu/gocps/elementary-school/

September 14th, 2022 – Application Period Opens
December 2nd, 2022- – Application Period Closes
TBD- Results Released
TBD- Accept/Decline Deadline
TBD- Waitlist Process Opens
2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER OFFER ISSUED- Waitlist Accept/Decline Deadline

High School (9th grade entry) https://www.cps.edu/gocps/high-school/

September 14th, 2022- Application Period Opens
October 26th, 2022- CPS High School Admissions Exam for CPS Students
11/5-6, 11/12-13 – CPS High School Admissions Exam for Non-CPS Students
December 2nd, 2022- Application Period Closes
TBD- Results Released
TBD- Principal Discretion Process Opens
TBD- Accept/Decline Deadline
TBD- Principal Discretion Application Closes
TBD- Waitlist Process Opens
2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER OFFER ISSUED- Waitlist Accept/Decline Deadline
TBD- Principal Discretion Results Released

CPS Elementary Round 1 Results 4/29/22

GoCPS will release Round 1 offers for 2022-2023 Elementary Magnet (including Suder & Drummond), Open Enrollment, Magnet Cluster and Selective Enrollment Gifted, Classical and Academic Center programs on 4/29/22. The deadline to accept or decline offers is 5/13/22. https://go.cps.edu/

View helpful Selection Videos HERE.

Sign up for a Family Training webinar (4/19 @ 10am or 4/27 at 2pm) to understand offers via this LINK.

GoCPS Fall 2022 Application Closes 12/15/21 @ 5pm

Families interested in Chicago Public School programs for 3 year olds through 9th grade for the 2022-2023 school year must submit applications by 5pm on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021 at https://cps.schoolmint.com/login.

  • If your child will be 3 by Sept 1, 2022, then they can submit a CHOICE (lottery based) application for Drummond & Suder.
  • If your child will be 4 by Sept 1, 2022, then they can submit a CHOICE (lottery based) application for Inter-American.
  • If your child will be 5 by Sept 1, 2022 or applying to grades K-8, then they can submit up to 20 CHOICE (lottery) elementary applications for magnet, magnet cluster, and open enrollment elementary schools AND they can submit up to 6 SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT (test based) elementary applications for Classical and Regional Gifted Programs, as well as up to 6 Academic Centers (7th & 8th grade). Selective enrollment options will need to be ranked in order of preference and a test date must be scheduled. Elementary Choice programs do not have to be ranked and no test is required.
  • If your child is applying to 9th grade, then they can choose up to 20 CHOICE high school programs (some high schools have multiple programs within them such as International Baccalaureate, CTE, fine arts, magnet, etc) and up to 6 SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT programs. Both CHOICE and SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT high schools options must be ranked in order of preference, as as a single offer is given for each type. In many cases, a CPS HS Admissions Test must also be taken, and in some cases, additional screenings are required.

This is also the deadline to add or subtract schools and re-rank any Selective Enrollment or high school choices. Any CPS testing dates must be requested by this deadline as well.

Notifications should arrive in the spring, with high school notifications coming a month before elementary notifications. More information and FAQs for preschool, elementary and high school at https://go.cps.edu/

One’s neighborhood school is always guaranteed and does not require an application.

CPS 2022-2023 Applications are Now Open

Chicago Public Schools are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year until Dec. 15, 2021. Families can explore https://go.cps.edu/ to learn about the school options and request an account at https://cps.schoolmint.com/login. One account per family and each student can be added as they become eligible to apply to CPS programs. A CPS Student ID can be requested through the portal for any student not already in the CPS system.

Always apply one year before a program begins, and CPS has a Sept 1st cutoff date to be eligible for preschool through 1st grade programs. An “age exception” is provided only for families with a fall birthday child who wants to start K or 1st grade early.

You do NOT have to apply to your assigned neighborhood school and there is never a deadline to register at your neighborhood school. For all other programs, including a neighborhood school that is not your own, CPS allows for “Open Enrollment” and you can apply to programs for which your student is age-eligible or meets a pre-requisite via a GoCPS CHOICE (up to 20 lottery or minimal criteria based admission programs) and/or SEES (up to 6 ranked test based admission programs) application. Read more about CPS school types here: Elementary and High School.

Scoring rubrics have been updated for this application cycle to reflect the discontinuation of NWEA MAP testing for 5th through 9th grade programs. There are no scoring rubrics and no cutoffs will be posted for K-8th grade Classical or Regional Gifted Center Selective Enrollment programs.

Find helpful CPS FAQ’s on the application process HERE: https://go.cps.edu/about-gocps/faq/elementary (be sure to click on the proper tab: HS, Elem or Preschool)Each student can apply up to 20 CHOICE programs (multiple offers for elementary programs listed in no particular order, and single offer for ranked high school programs) AND up to 6 ranked Selective Enrollment programs (single offer for elementary or high school). If testing is required, you will be asked to choose a test date AFTER you choose the school programs that require testing.Good luck to families applying for Fall 2022 CPS programs! More info at https://go.cps.edu/about-gocps

Spring 2021 CPS Elementary Notifications- Round 1

Round 1 CPS Elementary Notifications were posted in the GoCPS portal for Choice (lottery) and/or Selective Enrollment (test based) selections. Students could be offered multiple Choice program offers but only ONE selective enrollment offer. A family’s neighborhood school is always guaranteed.

Choice elementary offers are based on a lottery selection process and include magnet, magnet cluster (neighborhood w/focus area) and open enrollment (other neighborhood) schools. Drummond, Suder and Inter-American preschool programs are included in Choice schools. CPS Tiers and proximity are only considered for the entry year of a magnet program. All other programs conduct a general lottery (in some cases, a sibling lottery).

Selective enrollment elementary offers are based on entrance testing and include Classical & Regional Gifted Centers (K or 1st through 8th), as well as Academic Centers (7th/8th). CPS Tiers are only considered for the entry year of these programs and offers are “single offer” only, based on a student’s score.

Details, dates and Academic Center (7th grade) cutoff scores are posted on GoCPS. Helpful GoCPS videos are posted HERE (note: videos are slightly outdated since there are no longer International Gifted programs).

  • Round 1 accept/decline deadline is June 11
  • Round 1 waitlists open on June 16 (48 hour waitlist decision window)
  • Round 2 elementary applications (for programs with unfilled seats) open June 21-25
  • Round 2 results released & waitlists open July 16 (48 hour waitlist window)
  • Round 2  accept/decline deadline is July 23

New applicants can request a CPS ID to apply to Round 2 (existing applicants do not need new CPS ID). Round 2 applications will open on June 21 for any schools with remaining open seats. Any unfilled seats may also be filled on an as available basis at the end of the summer by contacting a school you are interested in.

Applicant families are encouraged to “tour” schools before decisions are returned.

No CPS NWEA MAP Test for Fall 2022 HS Admissions

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced that there will be no NWEA MAP testing this Spring 2021. All students interested in High School for Fall 2022 will take a CPS High School Admissions Test in Fall 2021. http://ow.ly/XZn550EpIct

This means that current Spring 2021 7th graders will not be taking NWEA MAP tests as part of the admissions criteria for 9th grade admissions. Instead, all Fall 2021 8th graders will be taking a new CPS High School Admissions Test in school during Fall 2021 for Fall 2022 high school admissions.

From the email: “For SY22 applications, CPS will use one exam, the CPS High School Admissions Test, to determine selection for choice and selective enrollment programs. This test will replace NWEA for choice programs and both the NWEA and the Selective Enrollment High School Exam for SEHS applications. Every eighth grader will take the test—CPS students will take it during the school day at their school, and non-CPS students will take it on the weekends at a designated testing site. Eliminating NWEA and offering all students the Selective Enrollment High School Exam will reduce testing for students who are interested in choice and selective programs, remove the minimum eligibility requirement for programs, and promote equity by providing all students access to the test during school hours. 

The CPS High School Admissions Test will be administered in Fall 2021 and will be used for the upcoming GoCPS application cycle. More information, as it becomes available, will be posted on go.cps.edu. Additionally, families interested in learning more can attend one of the following public virtual information sessions: Saturday, May 8 at 10 a.m. and Wednesday, May 12 at 4 p.m. A form to RSVP is available at go.cps.edu to register to attend one of the sessions.   “

CPS Reopening Elementary Schools

After a very trying year for so many, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are opening elementary schools to families who opt into in-person learning. Families have a choice each quarter to either remain remote or come back for hybrid (part time) in person classes. Safety protocols and daily health screenings are required, as well as social distancing and facility improvements. More details from CPS.edu: https://www.cps.edu/school-reopening/

PreK and Cluster programs started on Feb. 11

Elementary K-5th grade begin on March 1

Elementary 6th-8th grade begin on March 8

High Schoolers are TBD and remain remote for now.